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American GIs

No description

Abby Biergans

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of American GIs

GI Hardships
Some GIs experienced Discrimination because the groups were segregated
Many soldiers returned physically, mentally, or emotionally wounded from their combat experiences
GI Opportunities
Under the pressure of the war soldiers usually developed strong friendships with other soldiers
Those who survived gained greater appreciation for american ideals
Soldiers came home with pride in themselves and their country
GI Conditions
They were always hungry
Some were unprepared for war
Feared they could die at any moment
Felt homesick and lonely
American GIs
GI Statistics
Over 16 million americans served in WWII
There were 418,500 casualties in the United states during WWII
The American GIs were "Government Issued" soldiers that were drafted to fight in WWII.
GIs Contributions to the war
GI soldiers went off to fight in the war with a strong commitment to the allied cause
GI soldiers contributed in WWII by fighting for american ideals. The soldiers experienced many difficulties during the war such as being homesick, little food, and deaths
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