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The Book Thief

No description

Mari Miclat

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of The Book Thief

The Book Thief

Vocabulary Words
Appraisal (pg.283): judgement/opinion

Repugnant (pg.287): abominable/awful

Incentive (pg.297): encouragement

Discussion Questions
Do you think that Death spoil the story for you by revealing in advance "the three stupid things" that will be Rudy's downfall in two years' time? Why do you think he did that?

The Whistler and the Shoes
Three Acts of Stupidity by Rudy Steiner
The Floating Book Part II

Timeline of events
The Whistler and the Shoes
Three Acts of Stupidity by Rudy Steiner
The Floating Book Part II
Rudy went home covered in manure.
He told Liesel he wants to steal something without any help from the gang as a way of achieving victory.
The next day, Liesel had an idea; to steal something from the mayor's house.
Each day, they checked for any open windows into the mayor's library and finally one evening, they broke in.
Liesel climbed in through the window and steals a book
She hears people coming, so she makes her way out the window and they ran.
Liesel realizes that she has left her shoes behind outside the mayor's window.
He returns to get them and brings them back to her.
Rudy asks for a kiss but Liesel refuses, again.
He gives her the official title, the book thief.
Rudy steals a large potato from Mamer's grocery in front of many people.
The owner threatened to call the police, but Rudy begs him not to and tells him how poor and hungry his family is
He spot one of his teacher, Herr Link and asks him to tell Mamer about his poor family.
Herr Link requested the owner to let Rudy go.
Franz asked Rudy when is Hitler's birthday, but he goofs around and gives Jesus' birthday instead.
Franz is not amused and makes Rudy run laps until he finally gives the right date.
A few days later, Rudy sees Franz with some of his friends walking along the sidewalk, and Rudy throws a rock at him.
Franz beats him up infront of Liesel and Rudy's sister, Kristina.
He takes his pocket knife and cuts Rudy's hair off.
Rudy stops attending Hitler youth meetings.
His parents begged him to go back but he refuses.
He and Tommy joined a different division, the Flieger Division.
In his new division, Rudy always gives the correct answer to Hitler's birth date.
Rudy and Liesel saw Franz Deutscher walking in the street.
They avoided him by taking an alternative route.
Near the river, they encounter Viktor Chemmel and his gang.
Viktor took Liesel's book and threw it into the freezing water of the Amper river.
Rudy went after it, stayed waist-deep in the cold water and asked Liesel for a kiss for the last time.
And he didn't received one.
Why does Rudy purposely give Franz Deutscher the wrong answer?
What does the chapter, the Floating Book Part II reveal about Rudy’s feelings for Liesel? Explain.
Appraisal (pg.283): judgement/opinion

Repugnant (pg.287): abominable/awful

Incentive (pg.297): encouragement

Vocabulary Words
-"The field at Hitler Youth just got fertilized." He gave his shirt another halfhearted, disgusted
. "It's cow manure, I think."
-No, the
truth was this: She didn't care about the food.
-His eyes were as blue and cold as the sky, and the words were all the
Franz needed.
"He must have loved her so incredibly hard. So hard that he would never ask for her lips again and would go to his grave without them." (pg.303)
"Before they went into their respective homes, Rudy stopped a moment and said, 'Goodbye Saumensch.' He laughed. '
Good night, book thief.' "
Rudy reveals her title, which is "the book thief".

Rudy loves her so much, he’s afraid to be rejected again. He’s sacrificing his love for her by not asking for her lips again. This quote talks about how Rudy will eventually die in the end of the book (foreshadowing).
Love, Sacrifice and Mortality
"He didn't stop going right away, purely to show Deutscher that he wasn't afraid of him, but after another few weeks, Rudy ceased his involvement altogether." (pg299)
Rudy continues to show Deutscher that he wasn't afraid of him, so he persists to skip the Hitler Youth meetings.
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