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No description

Ziyan Zhou

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Powtoon

Some other tools
when you are preparing a presentation
Build an Awesome Explainer Video in Minutes!
- More than business
- Less materials of lower quality
Start a conversation rather than a lecture.
among the presentation tools
Pros & Cons
- Cloud based
- Great materials
- Customized functions
- SEO optimized
- Easy to share
- Cloud based
- Assistance for presentation
- Limited access for free version
- Unable to undo
How PowToon Connect with Social Media
Social Plugin
Allow Users to SHARE
Social Plugin
Allow Users to SHARE
A PowToon-made Video of USS!!!
Work at the same time online
Share easily
Measure presentation effectiveness
- Professional animation for everyone
- Access to your own materials
- Focus on only whiteboard videos
- Must download the software
Make your own whiteboard videos, fast.
Hufsa Munawar
Teresa Yiting Chen
Morrow Ziyan Zhou
Powtoon is a Cloud Based Software, allowing its users to make ANIMATED videos and Presentations

-Started in January 2012

-Growing In User base since Then

-Do It Yourself Presentation Tool
How Does POWTOON Work???
1.Go to Www.Powtoon.com
2. Sign Up!!!!

You Can Sign up Free as:
-Video Artist
-Small Business Owner
-Marketing Pro
Sign Up With
Social Media
Also Possible
3. Select an Awesome Template
3 Different Options
1.Edit A ready made Powtoon
2.Start From Scratch
3.Dynamic Presentations (Coming Soon)
Filter your Styles by Categories
Hovering over each template gives you a quick revew of he style of the particular powtoon
4.Start Creating!!!
Different Elements:
My Styles Characters
Text Editing Transitions
Image Holders Background
Premium Account??

Unlocks All Locked Features!!
Video Release MP4 Format
Premium Subscriptions
Pay per Publish
Review all your ongoing & completed projects
Need Help?
Social Media
Other Tools
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