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The Week

No description

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of The Week

Day #2: CL and NMM
Madlib and pop culture matching
http://www.classroomjr.com/summer-mad-libs/princess-mad-libs/ (princess)
http://www.classroomjr.com/summer-mad-libs/funny-mad-libs/ (pizza)
CL - popcorn game + few sentences
Wink talent video - pick apart signs.
Voice: Cemetery story, Cross Country and Hulk
http://deaftv.com/film/ASL-Literature-by-NMSD-Students/ (6:03) Indian reservations
Day #3: Why say/sign that? Registers
Face stories
Voice: Coda illiteracy, Kids ASL, Ted Ex- Deaf Lens

Sign: Deaf approach hearing (3:25), IQ's are higher, If I had a daughter, Financial aid poetry, food revolution.
Word game
Story time
Day #1: How would you voice this? Vocab
Quick Intros
Popcorn game - many words = one sign
End fun game with RA's group
Day #5: Assessment
Day #4: Putting it all together!
Sign for these peeps- - how would you voice that?
Videos with non-seeing partner.
EKG: http://www.deafmd.org/tests/electrocardiogram-ecg-or-ekg
Cheapen your life: http://www.deafvideo.tv/232858
Science Fella:
Self-story time!
Discussion: Stephanie's article
Voice a scene: "Hearing loss - Deaf gain" and CODA bros
Brenda Nicodemus and Karen Emmoney: "Language Direction in ASL- English interpretation ..."

Spoken Language prefer: L2 --> L1
Sign Language prefer: L1--> L2
Stephanie Feyne: Authenticity: The Impact of a Sign Language Interpreter's Choices
What's your privledge?
What are your biases?
Street Leverage
TED Talks
Poetry Button
Gallaudet University International Symposium

& many more random searches!
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