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"Solving a Problem" Project

No description

Despi Piot

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of "Solving a Problem" Project

for organizing
for presentation
for safety
"Solving a Problem" Project
Step 1
Think about the parameters of the problem
Step 2
User Reviews
Αsk for students' opinions and desires with a questionnaire before any project
Speak with the principal of the school and the teachers
Step 3
Εxamine the parameters
Step 4
Find the best construction offer
Step 5
Make a Task Schedule

Planning important steps
Redesigning the student lockers at a large public high school

Space available
Needs for storage
Well presented design
Εconomic factor (stay in budget)

Choose the most satisfactory solution
Present the project to the principal of the school
Grouping lockers per class.
Μaximum required number of lockers for each class
A locker for common use supplies per class
Magnetic lockers
Minimal design
Each class has a different color of lockers
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