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On the Road to Successful Citation

No description

Regan Michelle

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of On the Road to Successful Citation

By the end of the lesson, you will be able to:

Identify and demonstrate your knowledge of copyright rules.
Define copyright law.
Explain the parts of a copyright law.
Answer the question: What can happen if I unlawfully use someone else’s work?
Separate proper and improper ways to cite work.
Collaborate with a group to present examples of properly cited works.

Let's get started!
Please turn to your shoulder partner and have a discussion about this question:
What do you think "
" means?
What does copyright mean?

Copyright is a form of protection by the laws of the United States to
protect an author’s original work
. This includes writers, dramatists, musicians, artists, and other creative work like video game creators.

A copyright holder
can stop others from copying
, performing, or using the work
without his/her permission
Copyright Laws Explained
What does this mean for us?

It means that we
go online, copy and paste someone’s work, and turn in it as our own.
You have to appropriately
cite the work.

The term
means that you have to give the author credit for his/her work by properly adding his/her name and information about the article or book in your work and at the end of your work.

Why do we have to cite our work?
We are responsible students and give credit to the author/authors and acknowledge their ideas. We also want to avoid plagiarism by not copying words and ideas. Lastly, citing allows your reader to track down the sources you used because you cited them accurately in your paper.
What is Plagiarism?
Taking another person's work or ideas and passing them off as your own.

What if
I do not cite my work?
If a student has plagiarized, the teachers can, at minimum, assign a grade of
for the assignment. You should always check with your teacher if you have any doubts about whether you are committing plagiarism on an assignment. Teachers also have the right to charge students with cheating and turn students over to
higher authorities
Plagiarizing is a

Examples of correctly cited work

Since you all are working on online research, I have an example of a correctly cited website.
White, D. (2015).
. Retrieved from
I made this web citation up. You will use the actual website you used for your research project.
If you used multiple websites you need to cite
of them. Cite the webpages at the bottom of your page.

Incorrectly Cited Pages
Danielle’s Lab Class. http://danielleslabclass.org
You have to include dates, authors, as well as where it was cited from.

On the Road to
Successful Citations

Presented By:
Alison Davis, Michelle Guess, Kimberley Maxwell, Jessica Money, Danielle Pesina White, Erica Reyna, Kimberly Richardson, Amanda Rudd, and Regan Sanchez

Do you have any questions?
Let's Review Our Learning
Today, we learned about:
Copyright Laws
How to correctly cite work
What Plagiarism is and how to avoid it
How to identify and demonstrate the meaning of Copyright

Your Group
Please, get into your groups. There are 3 people in each group. Look for your group posted on the SmartBoard.
Send one representative from your group to come get the research topic and websites I would like you to use.

Getting ready for your Independent Work
Now it is time for you to demonstrate your knowledge of copyright by producing a
report that includes in-text citations and references.
Choose an animal
that you would like to research.
You will research your animal using library books, magazines, or databases/websites such as:
Pebblego, World Book Encyclopedia, National Geographics, or National Geographics for Kids.

Group Work
Your group will need to
Search and locate 3 sources- from books, articles, and at least one website.
Use the forms provided to record your information.
Correctly cite the sources and include a screen shot of the source.
Each group will display their cited work for a class gallery walk.

Independent Work
You are required to:
Include at least
2 in-text citations
and the in-text citations in a
reference section
at the end of your report using APA 6th edition format. One of your references
must be
a website.
Enter the reference information into
easybib.com, bibme.org,
to help correctly format your reference. Be sure to double check your reference to make sure it is correct!
Your final product with your report and citation requirements will be produced in
Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.
If you would like to produce a voice-over for your PowerPoint, you can use

Thank you for your participation!
Great work, Mrs. Stewart's class!
Now, you know how to cite your resources and use technology to present without plagiarizing!

Before we get started...
Please use this handout to take notes throughout this lesson.
This will be a great resource as you complete your assignments today.
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