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S.P.A. Day: Special, Powerful, Admired!

Motivational Talk on wellness at CCF REJ Health Center, Oct. 18, 2014

gina poblete

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of S.P.A. Day: Special, Powerful, Admired!

S.P.A. Day:
October 18, 2014
Cleveland Clinic REJ Health Center, Avon, OH

What is your high point for the week?
Introduce yourself and share a high moment that occurred just recently. Hint: something that made you smile, that made you feel right, uplifting, fulfilled...
When asked if you are happy, what would your top of mind answer be?
No matter what I do, I can't seem to stay happy.

Experiential Activity
Pick a partner, your seatmate and answer the following:
What does this tell us about Happiness?
Appreciative Inquiry by Dr. David Cooperrider

,v.,1. valuing; the act of recognizing the best in people or the world around us; affirming past & present strengths, successes and potentials (Valuing, Prizing, Esteeming and Honoring)
I suppose I am happy?
I could be happier maybe?
I feel I am at my BEST! Superlative, marvelous...Bravo!

Q1: Recall a time in your life when YOU were at your BEST. (Ignited, passionate, Inspired...)

Q2: select 3 adjectives, traits, qualities to describe YOU during that BEST self moment.
A few tips to maximize this exercise - -
Really dig into your memory bank
Be a generous listener and storyteller
Have an "open heart" and "open mind"
Take no more than 5 minutes each in sharing your answers
Can be shared
Emanates from within
A Positive mindset...

Positive stories trigger positive energy
Positive emotions trigger upward spirals toward emotional well being (B. Fredrickson, Psychological Science Journal)
There is power in the question!
There is greater power, greater response in a positive question!!
, v., 1. the act of exploration & discovery.
2. To be open to seeing new potentials and possibilities. (Discovery, Search, Study, explore)
"Happy Place" helpers:
Physical exercise
Random acts of Kindness
The powerful pause: quiet time, agenda-less, meditation , prayer
Journaling: one positive thought/event in your day
Embrace a new goal (triggers dopamine, energy is increased)
Breathe, stretch and laugh (triggers endorphins)
Fight vs. Flight to "survive then thrive"
Build new habits (brain retrain)
Positive Intelligence (Happy folks are more creative, productive, better at problem solving vs. unhappy peers - HBR Jan 2012) Happiness precedes success!
Mindfulness/Awareness: "What worked well vs. what went wrong?"
Social connectivity (face to face vs. Facebook)
Cultivate relationships
Compliment more, criticize less
Engage in activities that make you happy
Light exposure
Positive mindset
Co-exist with negativity "perceived bad days"
Define your purpose, craft a personal vision
Love yourself!
To all of you
ositive &
dmirable women,
We hope you enjoyed your
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