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Expository Text Features

No description

Cassie Shemek

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Expository Text Features

Understanding Your Text! Expository Text Features What is expository text? Fact
Informs the reader EXPOSITORY TEXT FEATURES Headings
a short phrase, sentence or question that highlights a key point or topic Subheadings
Smaller than the main heading
They tell us additional information about the topic
They can narrow down the topic If you are learning, it is probably EXPOSITORY! WHAT IS A TEXT FEATURE?
Extra items that give you more information about the text you are reading

Are they important?
They give us more information that we need to know Let's look at some examples! Example of Subheading:

What you can do to preserve one of nature's natural wonders Table of Contents shows us where to find information, what the content of the text will be Where is the table of contents usually located? Glossary a list of words and their definitions located at the end of the text Can you think of another feature that is sometimes located at the end of the text? How is a glossary organized so that you can find a word quickly? PICTURES Maps
Cutaways Help us visualize! They are important, and show us things the text sometimes cannot CAPTIONS Captions are almost as important as the text itself.
They tells us what the picture is about and provide extra information! Where are captions usually located? LABELS Labels are another important feature that point out what we need to know Boxes All text on the page should be read!!!! Even the inserted text boxes Usually a different color, off to the side of the main text QUESTION 1 What type of text feature is this? A. picture
B. headings
C. glossary
D. caption QUESTION 2 What does this picture have that helps point out information for you as a reader?

A. labels
B. caption
c. table of contents QUESTION 3 Which of these might be included as a picture in an expository text? A. photograph
B. map
C. chart
D. all of the above QUESTION 4 Why are text features important? A. They are pretty
B. The teacher said so
C. They contain extra information and help us understand expository texts
D. They are not important Usually a phrase or sentence Labels usually show vocabulary Question 5 Name one text feature you see on the picture I will show you next....

remember the ones we talked about today Dont forget to read or look at text features!

You might learn something new if you do! Hoo Hoo! QUIZ TIME

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