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How did Greek Art Influence the Italian Renaissance Era?

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sara kuzbiel

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of How did Greek Art Influence the Italian Renaissance Era?

What characteristics in art did they share?
How did Greek Art Influence the Italian Renaissance Era?
Italian Renaissance
How did they relate?
Major art sections at the time
Sulptures that portrayed realistic images
Religous Paintings
Oil paintings
Twisty Colums
Marble and Granite items
Famous Artists
Leonardo Da Vinci
Sandro Botticelli

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How did it get to the Italian Renaissance?
How did the art from Greece captivate the Italian Renaissance? It captivated it by when the Romans overtook Greece and almost kind of "stole" the Religion, Art, And Architecture. Soon Rome became Italy and The Renaissance era started so the Romans were the "bridge" to Hellinistic Greece.
Why is greek art so iconic still today?
Religious Forums
(such as Columns.They were Obsessed.)
The "Major" art types they Shared.
Scrolls hidden delicately in sculptures especially in columns
Expression embedded
Paintings included shadows for realism
Detail put beauty and value into every piece
Pottery had similar designs in trim.
The sculptures were in many temples fountains and outside of buildings they were important to show dramatic features to the decor
Was a very important work or "use" of art then and even now
The paintings were made of
their beautiful columns.
The greeks were skilled with the columns. They had three different types Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian.
Took the use of the Mesopotamian Mosaic which used big chunks but the greeks made the pieces a little bit smaller.

What major art did they have at the time?
Vases that are symbolic
When people today look up at greek art they look at how they started to make the paintings and sculptures more realistic with shadow in paintings and a better anatomy that shows more in a humans expressions and movements. These people were the creators of The more complex art in the world, Almost exactly like the cradle of artistic abilities.
Styles of vases
The art that was created in the era evolved into more modern art. It showed realistic values to the paintings. In the Sculptures more flow and used better materials such as marble and granite. They evolved the same techniques that the greeks used to what they had in the area just like the greeks they might have used a different type of material of stone.
Why was the Italian Renaissance so Idolistic with art at the time?
Perikles:The Parthenon in Athens epitomizes the architectural and sculptural grandeur of Perikles' building program. He was very talented.
Polykleitos of Argos: Was famous for creating a system that formed proportions that created an effect on the art that other people could rproduce easily in there own ay in there art.
Douris, Makron, Kleophrades: were all vase painters who created beautiful works of art.
Famous Artists
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