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Analyzing Human Resources with Social Media

No description

Jerome Laranang

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Analyzing Human Resources with Social Media

Leveraging the multi generational workforce
Managing the potential risks associated with social media
At the end of the presentation, you will be able to apply Social Media strategies correctly in Human Resources.
Supercharging talent acquisition and talent management
Addressing mobility and collaboration
Analyzing social media with human resources
Presented by:
Allison Farrel
Becca kong
Gigi yu
Jerome Laranang
Why are we interested in social media?
Social Media is...

a multifaceted tool
a growing trend in HR
a window to job opportunities & recruitment
a great way to network
as part of the Gen X & Y population, it is something we grew up using
a part of our lives we just can't seem to let go
The risks - What could possibly go wrong?

Ownership issues
Personal information into the workforce
Termination Decisions
Employees steal assets
Employees exposed
The risk of doing nothing!

The public
Negative sentiments
Inappropriate/Inaccurate comments towards organization
Data breach
Legal and employment risks
Viruses, malware, social engineering attacks, Cyber threats/violence
Social media refers to the evolution to “Web 2.0”
and the explosion of tools and platforms (e.g. blogs,
Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to exchange content, have
conversations, collaborate, review, entertain, build
community and share multimedia. Social media
facilitates the interactive sharing of information
and places increased emphasis on the creation
and dissemination of content, ideas, opinions and
experiences by all users. Used strategically, social
media offers organizations an unprecedented
opportunity to actively engage employees, customers, suppliers and other interested stakeholders and benefit from their collective ideas, knowledge and experiences.

What's social media?
Talent acquisition

80% of companies use social media for recruitment....And 95% of them used Linkedin.
searchenginejournal.com, February 2012
61 % of millennials don’t go to the traditional company support groups first; they prefer to turn to the Web and other external resources. KPMG.com, May 2012
Social media allows organizations to accelerate the full recruiting process including job postings, sourcing and screening candidates, reviewing resumes, making an offer and on-boarding.
Organizations can use social media to mine external candidates by creating talent pools to engage passive job seekers and promote their company brand.

The challenge is to ensure that the on-line recruiting experience is matched by modern HR and company systems while on the job.
talent management
Using social media during the on-boarding and training process ensures the delivery of a consistent message.
Allows employees to connect with one another and share information about their work and best practices.
Progressive organizations are dispensing with the
annual performance cycle and moving to more real-time
feedback and coaching.

Social media allows for immediate customer and client feedback, which can then be used by managers and supervisors to coach and train their employees.
of companies concerned over social media risks, Only provide employee training.
September 27, 2013
Companies that already use social media find it hard to integrate into their business
The companies that don't establish policies or find it hard to enforce is caused by lack of emlpoyee engagement and training on Social Media platforms
Social media policies are negatively oriented
The attempts to ban social media use
Easy access VIA smartphones makes regulating social media nearly impossible
What do we mean by this?
"As HR professionals, we want to use social media to its fullest potential among your work force."
"The rise of the
has made organizations'
attempt to block social media sites
Build a strategy to manage the
mobile device
Virtually impossible
As HR, we should...
Create a governance body of key stakeholders
Document social media use
Risk assessment
Expand the policy, build safeguards
Implement policy training in the organization
Monitor your social media platforms regularly
mgmt 310 - assignment 3
Professor: Wayne Rawcliffe
Make sure to:
Class Activity
Each of your tables will given one of two companies with different scenarios. Based on your knowledge and from what you learned in our presentation, identify several ways you can implement a social media strategy for the company you are assigned to.
Social conversations
Social listening
Social analytics
Social Influencer
To implement social media usage within an organization, HR must consider:
How each stakeholder group may be affected by change (i.e. implementation)
Acceptance, readiness and adaptation rather than AGE
Developing an effective communication plan that allows for ongoing dialogue and feedback
Using different platforms to get message across

Use reciprocal mentorship, passing along knowledge, wisdom, and technical skills

Build relationships across multi-generational work force
62% of Twitter users "tweet" about work
10% of them do it on a daily basis
Social Media Can do all of these !
Encourages engagement and knowledge sharing

Faster access to knowledge and communication

Cconnects employees anytime and anywhere around the world

Share goals and ideals collectively for faster alignment of goals

Progress and instant feed back for projects
Employees using social media has improved they way they do their job

Feel more connected to one another and to organization

Greater engagement = greater productivity

Personal engagement drives direct value
Connect instantly as long as the device connects to data or Wifi
Individuals at an organizations working together to achieve a common goal

Collaboration is essential to help the organization make profit

Employees from different department needs to work together to help organization grow and reach its goals

Social media helps collaboration occur more easily and efficiently
Video Sharing: Use for training purposes, easy learning tool

Online Streaming: instant connection to conference or meetings
reduces travel time, instance communication

Linked discussion and attachments: connected across teams and departments

Questions or concerns can be posted and answered immediately
Collaboration through
Source: KPMG: Karen Isaacson & Sarah Peacy (2013), Crowe Horwath
Stay up-to-date with technology
Keep it active!
Regularly monitor process
1. Van styles Clothing & apparel
2. First Level financial consulting
To see how social media can be utilized to its potential.

As HR professionals, what are your desired outcomes for your social media strategy?

What platforms would you use to encourage employees to be a part of the social media strategy?

How would you encourage collaboration in your workforce using social media?

What are the potential risks involved?

If Van Styles and First Level were looking to recruit new team members, what would their recruitment strategy look like?

Developing Social Media Strategies
Discussion questions
Effective communication
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