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What did serfs wear?

No description

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of What did serfs wear?

What did serfs wear?
Blouse of cloth or skin fastened by a leather belt around waist
An overcoat or mantle of thick woolen material, which fell from shoulders to half way down legs
Shoes or large boots
Short woolen trousers
From belt hung sheath for knife
Serf generally went bareheaded, but in cold or rainy days wore woolen hat
Gloves ONLY worn for practical clothing value and were padded to use in tasks, such as hedging

Serfs daily life?
Had to labor on lord's domain for 2 or 3 days each week, especially busy seasons, such as ploughing and harvesting
Serfs had to do extra work, half the time demanded by lord
Serfs had to make certain payments, either money, or often in grain, honey, eggs, other produce
Lords could make serfs work as hard as lord pleased
Serfs were NOT slaves
Serf's rights
Certain rights on manor's land
Cut a limit amount of hay meadow
Turn so many farm animals such as cattle, geese, swine on waste
Serfs enjoyed privilege taking so much of wood from forest for fuel and for building purposes
Serf holdings included a house in the village, and formed a complete outfit
Serf's Dinner
Simply a mixture of vegetables, that they could get a time of year and grain mixed together as a thick soup ( ALL FOR 3 MEALS )
During summer serfs had berries, fruits, fresh vegetables, and form of a flat bread, also rabbit and a small bird, but deers belonged to Nobles so serfs couldn't have any
Water wasn't safe enough to drink, so serfs drank a small beer, this was for everyone, INCLUDING CHILDREN
No milk , cheese, eggs, ECT
Pigs, hens ECT could be raised but usually went to lords for taxes or church, such as tithing
Nobles ate more meat, wine, beer, and bread
2 classes had same diet, but nobles has better quality and quantity
Serfs home like and what they are made out of
Serfs pictures
Farmers and peasants lived in simple dwellings called cottages
They built their own homes from wood and roofs were thatched ( made of bundles of reeds that have to be replaced periodically )
Interior walls generally made of wattle and daub - twigs weaved into a wall shape and coated with mud and straw to make it hard, like plaster like surface to keep out drafts
Often farmers and peasants and serfs brought their animals into their homes to protect them
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