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Finn Crosweller

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Shopping and house work
playtime and games
Sickness, Accidents and deaths.
Dressing on the Goldfields.
When children were 5 or 6 parents wanted them to go school.Mothers would sometimes start schools
in their own homes to make money. Sunday schools mixed religious studies with reading, writing and arithmetic.
Homes were sometimes tents
and diggers made their tents
look better by adding in a stone
fire place. there was mud and
stick houses were also made
and also bark huts which were
made from bark, timber and
Diggers brought food if it ran out they would buy
food from the local stores and if they weren't stocked they would go to the nearest town and you had to wash by hand.
Have you ever wondered
what life was like on the

Kids still played games day to day but their games were a bit different some were the same but some different. Kids played tug of war, throwing horse shoes, bowls, skipping, knuckles and lots of others. Skipping and tug of war both had to use rope, horse shoe throwing was a stick of metal in the ground and a couple of horse shoes. Bowls were a tree stump in the ground and old cannon balls and knuckles were little knuckle sized rocks which you threw in the air and caught them on your hand.
People suffer from scurvy which is not eating enough fresh fruit and veg. It was difficult to keep insects away so people suffered from bad insect bites. Bites and cuts got infected. It was hard to go to the toilet some results are diseases such as cholera. Only good diggers could afford medical help. Doctors also joined the rush to find gold and help people who got hurt.
Girls dressed up like there mothers.
They wore tight waist and full skirt dresses.
They wore brightly coloured stockings with hard leather boots
•when they went out they wore a jacket with a hat covered with flowers and a colourful ribbon tied under their chin.

Boys under five wore dressses and babies clothes were very expensive.
Boys only had 2-3 sets of clothes and slept in night shirts or underwear.
Boys dressed like their fathers just like girls dressed like their mothers
Boys wore long pants held up by a belt, striped shirts, short jackets and a hat or cap

Women wore a large bonnet and they wore long dresses with high necks and tight and waist high socks. Women wore a cotton petticoat and bloomers underneath.
They wore striped stockings and hardwearing boots. Rich ladies wore lace sleeves and white gloves.

The richer the men were, the higher their hat wasand all rich men wore suits.

A successful miner wore a striped flannel undershirt or a cotton overshirt,
they also wore leather boots that came to their knees with a cabbage tree hat.
Miners wore moleskin trousers, leather belt and heavy leather boots and
miners also wore wide awake hats.

Eating and drinking, you would
eat meat and bread and drink
tea. Meat was either fresh or salted. Bread was damper made out of flour and tea was important because water was
dirty and dangerous.
Day To Day
Breakfast was damper, tea and maybe leftover meat from the night before. The boys chopped the wood and the girls helped the mums with cooking and washing. Children slept in night shirtsand wore the same clothes each day with a nice pair of clothes for sundays. Lunch was a stew.
Going to school
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