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lily martin

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Alyansa

Solar System Houses Geography Energy Religion Crime Consequences Education Sports Transportation Social Classes Military Trash Solar Power Windmills Welcome to..... If a citizen of Alyansa commits a serious crime, They will be sent back to Earth via spaceship They will all be equal citizens will be catergorized by occupation, as well as where they live will be melted down in a "green" building, and used to power our aquaculture turbines trained army and navy for emergency when we are under attack ONLY treehouses made out of stucco, wood, and other ecofriendly materials every citizen of Alyansa is entitled to their own religious views and beliefs as long as no religious war or conflicts are caused 2 suns 3 moons in order to provide shelter for our citizens, but at the same time prevent deforestation All houses will be treehouses Bikes no cars ecofriendly airplanes for long distance traveling each citizen of Alyansa will be required to participate in some form of physical activity for at least 1 hour each day, in order to prevent obesity and health problems in our colony Kids ages 3 to 19 will be required to attend to school. From then on they can decide to go to college or not. They will go Monday through Thursday, from 9am to 2pm Students will also get summer vacation from June 1 to September 8 School days will be shorter and children will go less days out of the year, but students will be required to attend for more years. Alyansa In the Asnayla galaxy Science Philosophy Civil Rights History By Anna, Curtis, Jackie, and Lily Alyansa will be governed by a variation of a constitutional monarchy,(or a constitutional democracy, as it may be called) as we have decided it is best in many ways. Naturally you may want to know what a constitutional monarchy is. “Constitutional monarchy is a...form in which a monarch shares power with a constitutionally organized government.” (“government” p.0) In fact, Alyansa’s variation of this will include a say from the people. “The constitution allocates the bulk of the government's power to the legislature and judiciary.” (government p.0) The line for the throne will be chosen from that generation of possible monarchs by a vote from the entire population.Despite the fact that is it a monarchy, it will not be an absolute monarchy. This is when “the monarch holds absolute power and may be much like a dictator.” ("government." p.0) Also, “A king, for instance, makes the laws, sees to their enforcement, and interprets them.” ("constitution." p.0) We would not want that for fear things could go drastically wrong like in a dictatorship. It will be like “the monarch remains the head of state, it is largely a ceremonial role.” (“government” p.0) In our colony, the monarch would still have some power. As you can see, a constitutional monarchy would be best for Alyansa’s government. Aquaculture will be used in our colony for three main reasons. One reason is that aquaculture can be a reliable source of food. The Chinese and Japanese people have been raising fish and algae for thousands of years. The Japanese grew amanori, and the Chinese raised kelp. (“acuaculture” pg.0) Another reason we will use aquaculture is that it is efficient. Plants and fish can be grow and raised near the surface of water, near the bottom, and in the middle. This makes for maximal occupied space, which results in a large harvest. (“aquaculture” Compton’s by Britannica) Our last main reason for choosing aquaculture is that It has an increasing harvest. “Since 1970, global aquaculture production, including aquatic plants, has grown at an annual rate of 9%” That growth rate it bigger than a growth rate of any other food production system. It is estimated that on Earth, by 2030 50% of fish products will come from aquaculture. (“Global Needs for Aquaculture” pg. 0). There are several other smaller reasons that we will use aquaculture as a main food source for our colony, such as the fact that fish are a very good supply of protein. The Socratic Method is a method that has been used for a long time. For instance, Socrates believed in the importance of reason and telling the truth (Socratic Method, Britannica pg.1). Because of this, all his students were respected for their honesty. Since they are respected for their honesty, we chose that this would be followed on our colony. For example, he helped his students find flaws in their knowledge (Socratic Method, Britannica pg.1). Because of this, all of their knowledge that Socrates taught them, and corrected, was correct. This way, no knowledge will be flawed on our colony. Another example is that he used that method to reveal wisdom (Socratic Method, Britannica pg.1). Because of this, he revealed wisdom for his students to know. Plus, we use that on our colony so that children/students could always find new wisdom. In addition, he thought you couldn’t fear what you don’t know (Socratic Method, Britannica pg.1). Because of this, you can’t be fearing death, or heaven, or the opposite of heaven(aka the Underworld, or h**l). We use that on our colony so people won’t be scared of anything they don’t know about. That is why we use the Socratic Method on our colony. Our space colony, Alyansa, will follow the example of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He had many fine morals and principles that we would like the citizens of our colony to emulate. For example, Martin Luther King strongly believed in racial equality. In his famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, in which he expresses his dreams for racial equality in America, he declares, “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” (I Have A Dream p. 20) We too believe that the citizens of our colony should treat everyone fairly regardless of race or skin color. Another principle of Dr. King that we would like our citizens to follow is determination and leadership. Throughout his protests, King showed a great deal of determination and leadership, despite many discouragements. Jim Haskins writes, “What was it about the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., that captured people's attention? The civil rights movement was moving along in the 1950s and 1960s, with a protest here and sit-in there. King, however, stood out for his brilliance as an orator and his ability to inspire others to follow him. And that's what was needed; a leader who could convince people that they had the moral conviction and courage to join together in a difficult struggle.” ( Martin Luther King Jr. p. 0) We think that determination as well as leadership is an important quality that the people of Alyansa should possess. Lastly, Martin Luther King’s strong belief of ‘ahimsa’, or nonviolence, is something that we want our citizens to follow. Dr. King once wrote, “I urge the people of Little Rock to adhere rigorously to a way of non-violence at this time. I know this is difficult advice at a time when you are being terrorized, stoned, and threatened by ruthless mobs. But non-violence is the only way to a lasting solution of the problem.” ( Dr. King Asks Non-Violence In Little Rock Crisis p. 0) Like Dr. Martin Luther King, we passionately believe that non-violence is the answer to our world’s problems. These are just three of the many reasons why we want the people of Alyansa to follow the example of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Map of Alyansa Sometimes don’t you wish you could just jet off to a utopian land where paradise reigns? Well now you can! In the space colony of Alyansa, you can escape from overpopulation, pollution, war, and other horrors found here on Earth. You will love life on Alyansa. The entire colony will have produce provided be the amazing new technology of aquaculture, follow the morals and principles of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as well as Socrates, and be governed by a just and fair constitutional monarchy. Come join us on Alyansa, where together we will unite. So do you really want to keep living in a world where war, disease, overpopulation, and global warming dominate? Alyansa, with its terrific monarchy governing fairly, agriculture providing a green and sustainable food source, as well as kind treatment of people following the philosophies and principles of Martin Luther King Jr. and Socrates. Together we will build and maintain a united community, full of peace, happiness, and paradise. Come and form an alliance with Alyansa, where together we are united. The smaller sun revolves around the bigger sun, the smaller moons revolve around the biggest moon. But all the moons and suns revolve around ALYANSA (we do not revolve around them).
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