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public speaking and presentation skills


aleksandre davitadze

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of public speaking and presentation skills

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
10 Tips for Public Speaking
Know Your Material
Practice! Practice! Practice!
Know The Audience
Know The Room
Visualize Yourself Giving Your Speech
Realize That People Want You To Succeed
Don’t Apologize
Concentrate On The Message – Not The Medium
Gain experience
Presenter: Aleksandre Davitadze M.A.
E-mail: Alexdavi@yahoo.com
Visual Aids and Slide shows
Colorful, but don't let them upstage you
Justified by the content - not too many or too few slides
Your presentation is the vehicle for delivering your message
Successful presentation is one that moves people to action
To Remember: A great presentation does not just happen, It is planned
Keep your visual Aids:
Effective Slide Shows:
Don't read the slides to your audience!
Make your text large.
Choose colors that make the text easier to read.
Use bullet points instead of full sentences.
Don't let the text or graphics fly around too much.
Avoid charts and diagrams that are hard to see
To Remember: You Control the presentation; don’t let it Control you
Tips for Presentations with Computer Projection
Stand on the proper side

Be Heard & Be Seen
Avoid distracting mannerisms

Arrive early and test everything
To Remember: People buy you - not your technology. You are always selling yourself - don't get lost in the technology
Using English
Using Arabic
Using Old Chinese
Gestures: Get Moving!
Filler Sounds, Words and Phrases
“What you are speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”
To Remember: Our bodies speak louder than words.
listeners judge you and your message based on what they see and then, what they hear
Your body can:
Add emphasis
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Be sure to have appropriate:
Tips How to incorporate body language into your speech!
Start with eye contact
Smile! Smile! Smile! :)
Express emotion with your facial muscles
Avoid distracting mannerisms:

Telling a story? - Highlight the action
Stay true to your personality - Be Natural
Make gestures convincing
Vary your speaking position
Key jingling
Lip biting
Hands in pockets
Hands behind the back
Contributes Nothing
Weakens your Effectiveness
Lowers your Credibility
Perceived as lack of Preparation
Seem Humanistic
Filler Sounds:
Filler Words:
Filler Phrases:
“I think that”
“you know”
“what I’m trying to say is”
To Remember: Speaker should strive to minimize filler words
How to Remove Fillers from the Speech
Asses how often you are using them

Understand why you are doing it
Raise your level of preparation
Slow down
Embrace the pause
Monitor your progress, and be patient
Filler words are sounds or phrases inserted when our brain needs a moment to catch up to our mouth
Recruit an audience member
Record your voice
Record yourself on video
Benefits of Public Speaking Skills
Developing leadership skills

Increased Self Confidence

Effectively Persuade Others

Finding work

Learning to argue

Speak Shortly, Clearly and Effectively
To Remember: oral communication is always one of top skills demanded by employers
Public Speaking Anxiety
To Remember: Fear of public speaking – also known as Glossophobia.
“There are two kinds of speakers: those that are nervous and those that are liars.”
Mark Twain
Fear of Rejection

Lack of Preparation
Lack of Confidence in Your Ability

Lack of Confidence in Your Topic
Negative Thinking
Unpleasant Past Experience
Does any of these apply to you?
Tips to be Covered
What does Public Speaking & presentation skill means?
Benefits of Public speaking
Public Speaking Anxiety
10 Tips for Public Speaking
Gestures - Get moving!
Filler Words - Stop saying Ummm
Visual Aids and Slide Shows
Tips for Presentations with computer Projection
Conclusions & Advices
"They think I am stupid"
"I am total Failure"
- I don’t have the skills and ability to speak publicly
* fidgeting *twitching *lip biting *key jingling *hands in pockets
Great presenters start as poor speakers – then they get better
A good presenter is one who learns the skills of presentations - not one who Hopes for talent to carry them
Learn from other Great Speech Makers 'who you admire'
Keep the sense of Humor 'People like being in on the joke'
Follow mandatory rules of mastering Presentations
Be Creative & Be the first
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