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Matched By: Ally Condie

No description

chloe guy

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Matched By: Ally Condie

Matched By: Ally Condie She went to Brigham Young University to be a high school English teacher. She loves to read, write, run, and listen to her husband play the guitar. Exposition Rising Action Falling Action Resolution Climax The story is set in a futuristic city, where they want a perfect society.
In this society, the citizens have few decisions that they can actually make for themselves.
The story starts with Cassia, the main character, going to her match banquet- a ceremony in which they pick your husband or wife for you.
Cassia's match is her best friend, Xander, though it is unusual to know your match prior to the ceremony Each person is given a micro card that stores information about his or her match on it.
Though Cassia already know Xander, her match, she wants to see if there are some new things to learn.
However, when Cassia puts the micro card into the screen, another boys face pops up, a boy who she knows as Ky.
She is told that it was just a mistake.
When this happens, Cassia wonders about the flaws in her "perfect society" Cassia is faced with the chance to go against her society, to do what she wants, to do what she thinks is right.
She has to be who she wants to be and save the people she loves. What will happen with Cassia?
Will she be the "perfect" girl that the society wants, or will she finally figure out how to make her own decisions?
Read "Matched", by Ally Condie, to find out! She wrote Enthralled Freshman for President Being Sixteen The Yearbook Trilogy (Yearbook, First Day, and Reunion) Ally Condie lives in Utah, just outside of Salt Lake City, with her husband, Scott, and her three sons. Cassia starts to wonder what life would be like in a different, uncontrolled society.
She wants to able to make her own choices and decisions.
This is even more evident as she starts to fall in love with Ky, and not Xander, her match. I got this book from the school library.

I am reading it because it came up on the "More Books Like This" list on my kindle for a book i really enjoyed called "Fade" I really enjoyed this book.
I enjoyed the authors use of
Imagery: "The moon, hanging heavy and low in the sky near the horizon, is a harvest-yellow slice like the melon we get to eat during the Autumn holiday."

Direct Characterization: "The rounded lid of the compact distorts my features a little, but it's still me. My green eyes. My coppery-brown hair, which looks more golden in the compact than it does in real life. My straight small nose. My chin with a trace of a dimple like my grandfather's. All of the outward characteristics that make me Cassia Marie Reyes, seventeen years old exactly." Characters Cassia Coppery brown hair
Green eyes
Straight small nose
Dimpled chin Intuitive
Independent Ky Xander Grandfather Shaggy, blond hair
Blue eyes
Handsome Confident
Understanding Eyes change color
- Green, gray,
mostly blue
Dark hair Smart
Courageous Old
Wrinkly Wise
Trustworthy Ally Condie was born on July 4, 1989 in southern Utah. What would be the thing you dislike most about living in a controlled society? What is something you would like about living in controlled society? Do you think it is possible to have a "Perfect Society"?
Why or why not? She taught in Utah and New York before coming a full-time author. The Matched Trilogy (Matched, Crossed, and Reached) Summary
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