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No description

Ben Dobrowolski

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of minecraft

Hello ladies and gentlemen today I will
be talking about...

Minecraft is a 3d game where you can play 3
different modes. Survival, Creative, and Multiplayer.
Multiplayer is online where you can play with friends or other people from around the world.
Creative mode is where you can play on your own
world and have unlimited resources. Survival is
where you start off with nothing and you can fight
mobs and mine for ores and other stuff.
Okay now that you know what minecraft is lets
First I will show you some famous minecraft youtubers.
Skydoesminecraft has over 8 MILLION
subscribers on youtube
that's a lot of subscribers for just making
minecraft videos
captainsparklez has about six and a half million

and TheBajanCanadian has about 3 million
ok now lets talk about the games history.
The pc version of minecraft was launched
on November 19 2011. The creator of
minecraft is Markus Perssun with the help
of Jens Bergensten and many more people.
Those two were both born in Sweden.
Why is minecraft so popular?

Well, I think minecraft is so popular
because there is so many different
things you can do. You can build huge
mansions, or fight mobs, or play online,
but that's not all, if you really want to find
out more about minecraft you should get
it for yourself!

To buy minecraft for computer is around 27$
That may seem expensive but if you think about
it you only have to buy it once and you never have
to pay again. Like other games such as clubpenguin or roblox you have to pay over and over not just once.

here are some pictures of some amazing
minecraft buildings
Now I want to talk about minecraft songs.

and yes those are actual
creations that people made
by themself!

Also what is neat about
minecraft is people make
music videos of real songs
but minecraft.Here is some
of my favourite
minecraft is a great game and I think
all of you should play it!
Thank you for watching my multi-media speech!
Did you know over 50 million
people have registered a
minecraft account. But only
around 20 million people have
bought minecraft? That may
seem weird why not even half
of the registered players payed
for it, but the problem is a lot
of minecraft players download
it illegally for free.
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