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The sea of Monsters book, Fiction Novel Analysis

No description

Dylan Walsh

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of The sea of Monsters book, Fiction Novel Analysis

The Sea of Monsters
Character: Percy Jackson
Percy is one of the main characters and the protagonist of the story. Like every other half-blood, he has a God/Goddess and a mortal man/women as parents which means their half God, half human. Percy's mother is Sally Jackson and his Father is Poseidon- God of the seas, which means he has the power to move/control water which is his secret weapon, along with Riptide- his celestial bronze sword/pen that he wouldn't be caught dead without.
He is
athletic, bold, brave, determined, persevering, trusting, and leader-like.
He is not known to follow the rules and he is constantly getting himself into trouble. But when times are tough and his friends are in need, he always does what's right.
Character: Annabeth Chase
Annabeth is another one of the half-blood main characters. Her Father is Fredrick Chase and her mother is Athena-Goddess of wisdom, which means that she can really defend herself in a battle because of being strategically smart, always trying to find an advantage. Her weapons are her celestial bronze knife, and her hat that makes the user invisible from anyone/anything.
She is athletic, brave, brilliant, calm, intelligent, trusting, calculated, strategic and smart. She often follows rules, but she'll do anything if friends or family are in need.
Character: Tyson
Significances of the Setting
Author: Rick Riordan
Camp Half-Blood is protected by Thalia, a daughter of Zeus that sacrificed her life to save Annabeth, Grover, and Luke a long time ago from an attack of a cyclops and was later turned into a magical tree to protect Camp borders. Percy Jackson discovers that he has a half-blood Cyclops named Tyson and they soon discover that the magical tree has been poisoned and is dying. This means the magical borders are weakened and now monsters can enter camp like the Colchis bulls, and others. However, soon Annabeth discovers that the mystic Golden fleece is the only item capable of healing Thalia to save Camp.
So, Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson journey to the sea of Monsters to not only retrieve the fleece, but to get it before Luke gets it- an evil half-blood who wants the fleece to heal Kronos and destroy Percy and his gang, all half-bloods and all the gods of Olympus. They encounter a lot of monsters along their journey but in the end they come out strong.
Annabeth Chase
Tyson is another one of the half-blood main characters who journeys with Percy and Annabeth throughout the book. His father is Poseidon, and he never knew his mom so that makes Percy and him half-brothers, although he is a Cyclops- has only one eye. Being a Cyclops does have some advantages to it though- being incredibly strong, and immune to fire. He doesn't have the power to control water, but he can breathe under water and communicate with sea animals and monsters.
He is Bold, cheerful,, gullible, friendly, loyal, trusting, strong, and selfless. Tyson doesn't think before he acts, and he would risk his life to save his friends and family.
This story takes place in many different places throughout the story, the main settings I'd say are:
#1-New york - where Percy and his mom live, and that is where Mount Olympus is (where the gods live on the 600th floor of the empire state building).
#2-Camp Half-blood, long island, New York- where half- bloods/demigods live/train in the summer run Dionysus, and Chiron protected by a magical barrier generated by Thalia's tree.
#3-Virginia Beach- they hide their from Luke and his gang and their they meet Clarrise and her dead confederate crew.
#4-The Sea of Monsters/The Bermuda triangle- where they find the island the golden fleece is on and where they battle the monsters- Charybdis, and Scylla.
Significances of the setting
#5- The island of the Cyclops and the Golden Fleece(30 degrees, 31 minutes north, 75 degrees, 12 minutes west)- this is where they defeat the giant Cyclops- Polyphemus, almost die, retrieve the fleece, rescue Grover and get away happy that they are so close to completing their quest.
Save Grover
Defeat Polyphemus
Retrieve the Golden Fleece
#6-Miami Beach- This is where they go after they leave the sea of monsters, here they encounter Luke and his gang and fight against each other, but in the end the good guys win- Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Tyson, and Chiron and his centaur brothers.
The Island
Other Characters
-Grover- Percy's best friend, is a satyr and was captured by Polyphemus( a giant Cyclops(has horns and is half human, half goat from the waist down)
-Luke Castellan- evil half-blood, son of Hermes(messenger of the gods) and his weapon is backbiter a celestial bronze sword like Percy's
- Clarisse La Rue- a cocky half-blood, daughter of Ares (God of war)
and her weapon is a electrical sharp spear
-Chiron- activists director and is a centaur ( half human, half horse and is blamed for Thalia's tree being poisoned.
#4- Acceptance
#3-Never Giving Up
How long have they been gone at sea on their quest?
Prezi- By
Dylan W.
Youtube video-Percy Jackson:Sea Of Monsters-International trailer
Thanks For Watching
Point of View
This book is in first person because...
Episode of the Plot
The most important part of the book/Climax is when Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson go an save Grover from Polyphemus, find the fleece, win the battle, and save Camp half-blood.
I think this part of the plot is important because this is where they risk their lives to fight for what they journeyed for because everything is at stake here.
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