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Pakistan's Nonverbal Communications

No description

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Pakistan's Nonverbal Communications

Pakistan's Nonverbal Communications
Audriana Vigil
: Using individual fingers to make a gesture is impolite.
Eye Contact
: Another man can greet another man's wife, but can't look directly at her.
: It's not proper for the bottom of someone's foot to be faced at another person.

Kinesics - Body Movements
: A handshake is the most common greeting
Haptics (Touch)
: It's inapropriate for a man to shake a woman's hand
Facial Expressions
: When someone is in surprise or in shock, they may open their eyes wide and open their mouth slightly
Kinesics - Body Movement (Cont.)
Space between Genders
: An arms length is usually what would be common for opposite genders
Space in Society
: When speaking to someone older, they usually use indirect and when speaking to someone their own age, they use direct
: Male friends may hold hands or lock arms, but opposite genders never display any affection in public
Proxemics - Space
Timeliness to Meetings
: Punctuality in Pakistan is crucial, greet senior on down and small talk is expected, but may only last from 5 to 10 minutes
Chronemics - Time
Paralanguage - Tone of Voice
I couldn't find any examples for paralanguage so here are some extras
- Items are passed with only the right or both hands
- Don't talk about Islamic religion in an insulting manner, even slight criticism or humor is to be avoided at all costs
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