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Me, myself, and I: Andrew Boedigheimer

No description

Andrew Boedigheimer

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Me, myself, and I: Andrew Boedigheimer

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com A few interesting facts about my childhood. I have been playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) for 6 years and I am pretty good at it. I even have a metal pad at my house. 2 things that I would like to accomplish First, I plan on going into college (or at least running start) to get some kind of training in dramatic arts or to learn about how to make music. I think that I am most like Johnny Depp because I am crazy, weird (in a funny way), and I love acting. I am most like... The story of my life. This is Andrew Boedigheimer I am me. Another interesting fact about me is that I LOVE bugs/creatures/animals that DON'T bite back really hard or are annoying(ly stupid). I also prefer cats over dogs. The most interesting fact about me is that I have ADHD and autism. Both are "diseases" (so my doctor says) that effect social communication and paying attention. Most side effects are lack of attention, constant daydreaming, finding loud noises very annoying and not enjoying being in crowds of people. Some stuff happening right now. 1. I am a freshman at Heritage high school taking Integrated math 2 and chemistry. I am also took creative movement and plan on taking honors dance next year. 2. I have a younger sister named Amy and an older brother named David, who goes to this school. 3. Both my grandpa and grandma are dead (on my father's side of the family). On my mother's side, both of my grandparents are still alive. Second, I would like to have a house, a job, and maybe if everything works out, a family. I am also like Skrillex in the fact that I love dubstep and I would like to learn how to make dubstep proffesionally. Any questions? Don't be afraid to ask. I won't judge you. I enjoy anime shows like Soul Eater and pokemon. I also enjoy cartoony shows like Spongebob Squarepants. I have a bunch of pokemon cards and I am planning on either selling them or keeping them for later use. Yeah, you heard me.
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