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The Pigman :)

No description

janine abad

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of The Pigman :)

The Pigman
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The novel begins with an "oath" signed by John Conlan and Lorraine Jensen, two high school sophomores, who pledge that they will report only the facts about their experiences with Mr. Pignati.
When John, Lorraine, and two teen troublemakers, Norton Kelly and Dennis Kobin make prank phone calls, Lorraine picks out Mr. Pignati's phone number and pretends to be calling from a charity. Mr. Pignati offers to donate ten dollars, and John and Lorraine travel to his house to collect the funds. From the first meeting, the two teenagers and the old man become close friends. Mr. Pignati finds new friends, and happily takes on the role of a father-figure for the two teenagers.
John and Lorraine's visits become increasingly frequent, and during one such visit, they discover the documents that show that Mr. Pignati's wife, Conchetta, is dead, not just on vacation as he had previously told them. Soon, John and Lorraine visit him every day after school, and he showers them with gifts, food, and most importantly, the love and attention they do not receive in their own joyless homes. They reveal to him that they were never affiliated with any charity, and he reveals what they already know: his wife is dead.
Mr. Pignati suffers a heart attack while he and the teens are playing tag with roller skates, and is sent to the hospital; John and Lorraine agree to take care of his house while he recovers. The true betrayal comes when John invites friends over to Mr. Pignati's house. The situation quickly turns into a drunken, boisterous party. Lorraine's friend rips one of Conchetta Pignati's dresses. Norton ransacks Mr. Pignati's house and destroys Conchetta's collection of porcelain pigs, which Mr. Pignati holds very dear to him. John beats him up in retaliation.
Mr. Pignati returns to find his house ransacked, and is incredibly hurt when he finds out John and Lorraine were responsible for the incident. Feeling terrible, the two offer to take him to the zoo to help make up for it. At the zoo to meet Bobo, they discover that Bobo the baboon, Mr. Pignati's favorite animal and buddy, has died. Overcome with grief and the heaviness of the recent events, Mr. Pignati suffers a cardiac arrest and dies, leaving John and Lorraine grieving and reflecting on the fragility of life. So John and Lorraine write their story down.
When and where does the story take place?
The Author:
Who is the Author?
Lorainne Jensen:
What was his childhood like?
What is his history as a writer?
John Conlan
- The male protagonist, who narrates the odd-numbered chapters. John is something of an anti-hero, as he uses his intelligence, looks, and charm for personal gain. He aspires to be an actor, but currently fuels his creativity with pranks, though most of them are benign.
- The female protagonist, who narrates the even numbered chapters. Lorraine aspires to be a writer or a psychologist, and her sensitive, analytical nature provides a counterbalance to John's impulsiveness. She is socially awkward, different, and has a low self-esteem.
Angelo Pignati (Pigman)

- An elderly widower who lives in a messy house in John and Lorraine's neighborhood. His eponymous nickname comes from his vast collection of ceramic pigs. Described as lonely since the death of his wife, his friendship with John and Lorraine fills a void in his life. Also the Pigman found Lorraine and John quite generous and admired them.

Lorraine's mother
- Critical of her daughter. Accuses her of being fat and constantly tells her "you're not a pretty girl Lorraine". She also constantly warns Lorraine of men and boys, saying "they have only one thing on their mind"
What other jobs has the author had?
Paul Zindel
What are the messages of the novel?
When he was young his father left them and her mother tried to keep them together and live in apartment .
- John's father. Bore is a commodities trader and although the stress of the job is detrimental to his health, he still pressures John to follow in his footsteps. He was a heavy drinker until he developed cirrhosis of the liver.
Dennis Kobin
- Norton's follower. Best friends with Norton but not as important as him in the book.
Norton Kelly

- A classmate of John and Lorraine and the main antagonist. Described as a barbarian by the protagonists, Norton spends much of his time stealing electronics, and is convinced there are valuables inside the Pignati household.
The Old Lady
- John's mother. It is suggested that she may have obsessive-compulsive disorder, as she is fixated on cleaning, which she uses as a coping mechanism for the tension between her husband and son.
Through his teen years he wrote plays, though he trained as a chemist at Wagner College and spent six months working at Allied Chemical as a chemical writer after graduating. Zindel took a creative writing course with the playwright Edward Albee while he was an undergraduate. He later quit and worked as a high school science teacher at Tottenville High School on Staten Island.
What other interesting facts can you find about the author?
Paul Zindel wrote a total of 40 books, all of them aimed at children or young adults.
Paul is the one of the writer of Popular movie Alice in wonderland.
He wrote The Pigman, which is taught at many public schools.
Zindel received the annual Margaret A. Edwards Award from the American Library Association in 2002
Give background as to what is happening in the united states during the time frame of the story.
Give detailed information about the five Burroughs of New York City.
The story takes place in Staten Island, New York, in the late 1960s.
Staten Island, the setting of the The Pigman, is the smallest of five boroughs that make up New York City, the largest city in the United States.
Paul writes classic novels, adventure, miscellaneous books and the total of the book is 40 and he works screenplays 4 film and 3 television movie.
You have to take responsibility for your actions.
And A sense of self is important because it helps build confidence

During this period, public protests against racial discrimination and the war in Vietnam helped create a climate of rebelliousness against authority.
Janine A.
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