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Securing and Testing Seeds

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maimai dela Paz

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Securing and Testing Seeds

Testing Seeds
* there are three methods of testing the germination potential of seeds. These are the dish method, the rag-doll method , and the seed box method.

1. Dish Method
* line the dish with moistened, tissue paper, then place a number of seeds. Cover with another sheet of moist tissue paper. Allow the seeds to germinate for several days. Count the number of seeds that germinated.

2. Rag-doll method
* place the seeds inside a damp of piece of cloth. Space the seeds along one side of the cloth so that the edge of the cloth covers them. The cloth is then rolled and placed on trays.
Selecting and Testing Seeds 1. Damage Free
*the seed must be free from damage or plant may not be enough to keep the seed alive.

2. Good germinating ability
*if seeds germinate and produce healthy, strong plants, they have greater of viability.

3. Disease free
*seeds which are free from diseases will naturally produce better quality crops, and a greater yield.

4. True to type
*seed should be as strong and healthy as th plant variety from which they come -Testing the seeds before they
are planted prevents waste, ensure
uniformity of plant growth,and facilities
plant growers cultivation and early
maturation of crops To select seeds the following characteristic should be observed: A piece of stick is placed in the middle of the damp cloth to allow circulation of air. After three days, count the number of seeds that have germinated.

3. Seed box method
* plant a number of seeds in a seed box and water them . After several days, count the seeds that germinated and compute for the percentage of germination using this formula

No.of seeds germinated x100
Percentage of germination= No.of seeds sown
Example: If you tested 50seeds, only 25 seeds germinated.
Using the formula, the percentage of germination is 50percent.
percentage of germination is also called percentage of viability Summary:
the proper selection of seeds plays an important role in the production of quality vegetables and in making the yield high. this is done when there is a test to be undertaken on the percentage of the germination of seeds. Selection and test of seeds must always go together to ensure good harvest. Points to Remember:

Seeds with high percentage of viability are selected for germination. This way, high crop yield and good quality vegetables are assured
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