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Los Mandatos

No description

Jacqueline Mohr

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Los Mandatos

Los Mandatos
Mandatos Negativos con Tú
To form a negative tú command, follow these steps:
Go to the Yo: hablo como abro
Drop the O: habl com abr
Add the opposite ending: no hables no comas no abras
Mandatos con Ud. y Uds.
To form these commands, you follow the same steps as negative tú commands:
Hablar: ¡No hables! Hable (Ud.) Hablen (Uds.)
Traer: ¡No traigas! Traiga (Ud.) Traigan (Uds.)
Ir: ¡No vayas! Vaya (Ud.) Vayan (Uds.)
Una Canción con los Mandatos
La Tarea:
You will now create a cooking show with your partner using affirmative and negative Ud./Uds. commands!
We will present these in class tomorrow.
Each person has to have 7 lines (5 word minimum) MEMORIZED.
Remember, creativity is key!
You are allowed to bring real food, just make sure there is enough to share!
Mandatos Afirmitivos con Tú
To tell a friend or close relative to do something (i.e. chores), use the tú commands.
To form these commands, use the present tense él/ella/Ud. form.
Caminar: camina
Comer: come
Abrir: abre
This rule also applies to boot verbs.
Jugar: Juega
Los Irregulares con Tú
¡Ven Di Sal Haz Ten Ve Pon Sé!
Pronoun Placement
When using an affirmative tú command, place the IOP, DOP, and ROP at the end. *Don't forget the accent!
¡Toma las vitaminas!
Go-Go Verbs
The same rule applies for 'go-go verbs'
No salGAS si estás enferma.
No les ofreZCAS comida basura.
No escoJAS comida con mucha grasa.
-Car, -Gar, -Zar
The following spelling changes are used for -car, -gar, -zar verbs.
car: ques
gar: gues
zar: ces
Los Irregulares
Dar: No des
Estar: No estés
Ir: No vayas
Ser: No seas
Mantener: Mantén
Obtener: Obtén
To form a negative Ud/Uds commands, just place a no in front of the verb.
frutas, pero
no coma
muchos dulces.
No salten
For affirmative commands, attach the ROP/IOP/DOP at the end of the command.
¡Cepíllese los dientes!
For negative commands, the ROP/IOP/DOP are placed between the no and the verb.
No le pidan dulces.
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