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Time Management

No description

Theo Callender

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Time Management

management skills
learning outcomes
why - the benefits of successful time management & the consequences of failing
how - the steps of effective time management
the challenges
benefits of successful time management
better focus
more relaxed
better control
increased productivity
increased confidence
ability to meet goals
increased production
better offer
more time to do interesting things
more flexibility
more mobility
increased revenue
happier customers
job security
consequences of poor time management
lack of planning
lack of control
missed goals
wasted time
poor quality work
unhappy customers
decreased revenue
job losses
increased sickness absence
increased workload
identify goals
plan & prioritise
review & amend
stick to it!
to do lists
action plans
orders of work
flow diagrams
works & services scheduling
urgent/important matrix
urgent & important
not urgent but important
urgent but not important
neither urgent nor important
the urgent/important matrix
prepare break time service
prepare lunch time service
complete stock take - due Friday
call catering office to request more ....
attend SNAG meeting - due Tuesday
complete invoices - due Thursday
complete timesheets - due Thursday
work on development ideas
call Jane to see how her interview went
tidy up cleaning chemical cupboard
do prep for next days service
do - urgent and important, not urgent but important
delegate - not urgent but important, urgent but not important
defer - neither urgent nor important
managing interruptions & distractions
dealing with lateness
review & amend:
check that the plan is still valid & on track
tasks will evolve/devolve through urgent/important matrix
challenges may affect task urgent/important status
use the tools at your disposal; to do lists, prioritising tools, 3 D's
control your environment & challenges
identify any changes and amend the plan
but remember...STICK TO IT!
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