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The Only Thing To Fear

A quick summary and description of the book The Only Thing To Fear, by Caroline Tung Richmond.

Christina Zhao

on 9 May 2016

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Transcript of The Only Thing To Fear

The Only Thing To Fear
A dystopian novel by Caroline Tung Richmond
Have you ever thought about what it would be like if the
had won WWII? In The Only Thing to Fear, a dystopian novel by Caroline Tung Richmond, that world is imagined and explored.
Favorite Quote:
In America, now called “The Territories”
Greenfield, Virginia
U.S is controlled by Hitler and Nazi soldiers
Nearly 80 years after WWII, 2020-2025
Many battle forts and labor camps
Town center is of shops, cafes, homes, schools, and businesses owned by prosperous and prejudiced Germans with stereotypically blond hair & blue eyes
Outskirts of Greenfield: for the poor non-Germans in farms and factories
Zara St. James
16 yrs old
Farmer and maid
Mother is dead
English and Japanese
Discriminated against because of her mixed race
A secret Dual Anomaly— a super soldier who has two superpowers from her Japanese soldier father, who abandoned Zara and her mother
Powers: wind and electricity
Courageous, fiery, rebellious, and noble
Has a great sense of responsibility and loyalty
Redmond St. James
Zara’s uncle
Leader of the Greenfield Alliance Chapter
Careful & cautious
Strategic and intelligent but lacks motivation
A good friend of Mrs. Talley, an Alliance member
Bastian Eckhart
The handsome son of Colonel Eckhart, a Nazi Leader
A student at Heinrich Himmler Military Academy
Strong soldier, a medic
Quiet & kind
Loyal and caring
The Alliance
An underground rebel group who works against the Nazis
Led by Garrison Strayer and Celia Farragut
There are chapters of the Alliance all around the U.S
Brave, courageous, but not quite powerful enough to beat the Nazis
The Nazis
Led by the Fürher Dieter Hitler
Numerous Nazi forts each city
All people with good lives: German Nazis
Centered in Berlin
Evil, with horrible ideals and cruel, ruthless soldiers
Nazis VS. Alliance
(Man vs. Man)
The Alliance constantly fights and rebels against the Nazis. They try to overthrow them and reestablish a free, democratic world where everyone is equal and has the same opportunities.
Rising Action 1:
Bastian reveals to Zara that he wants to join the Alliance, even though he's a Nazi. His reason is that the Nazis executed his grandfather and his Nazi father did nothing to stop it, so he no longer feels allegiance to the Nazis.
Rising Action 2:
The Alliance visits Zara’s home and reveals that Dieter is soon going to die of cancer, and it’s their chance to overthrow the Nazis. Their mission begins with taking over the Nazi fort in Greenfield and broadcasting it on live TV. After that, they will storm Neuberlin (Washington D.C) and take it back from the Nazis.
Rising Action 3:
Zara accidentally reveals her Anomaly wind powers to Bastian. He promises he won't tell, which shows that he is truly sincere about not being a Nazi. Shortly after, she discovers that she is actually a
Anomaly, which is bad news because non-Germans are never supposed to even have one power, let alone two.
Rising Action 4:
Zara and Uncle Red are taken to a prison because of an anonymous tip-off that they are in the Alliance. However, Bastian helps Zara escape by slipping her the key to her cell.
Rising Action 5:
At the same time Zara escapes, the Alliance storms the fort! Zara escapes with Uncle Red and Bastian, and they team up with Garrison and a few other Anomaly rebels to continue their mission in Neuberlin to assassinate Dieter Hitler.
Bastian proves himself truthful about wanting to be part of the Alliance. He becomes a useful and dedicated medic who treats the wounded rebels. He also turns out to love Zara, who loves him back.
The Operation Burning Eagle, which consists of several Alliance Anomalies, Garrison, Zara, and Uncle Red, succeeds in killing the Fuhrer. The group manages to escape the White House safely and head back to the Headquarters.
Falling Action:
Zara is revered as an powerful Alliance leader who played an important role in the rebellion. She falls deeply in love with Bastian, but he decides to go and join the Widerstand, the rebel group Europe that his gandfather was in. He promises to come back for Zara soon.
Always stand up for what is right, and never let yourself be pushed down by others.
"'This is war. There are no rules' ... Zara's heart cringed as [the soldier] cried out again, but she reminded herself that he was a Nazi. He could have arrested men like her uncle or killed women like Mrs. Talley... with a grin on his face. She couldn't allow herself to feel a drop of sympathy for him" (151).
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