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Plant Cell Analogy;

No description

Bailey Beddard

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Plant Cell Analogy;

Plant Cell Analogy; A House & Family
By: Bailey Beddard
October 20th, 2013
The job of the
cell membrane
is to protect the inside of the cell by only allowing certain substances into the cell, while keeping other ones out.
Doors of a house act like the cell membrane by keeping family members safe from unwanted visitors. Windows keep out unwanted heat/cold.
is a cell structure that has DNA, and controls cellular growth and reproduction.
A universal remote is like the nucleus because it can control almost everything in the house.
The job of the
is to make RNA and DNA nucleotides.

Parents are like the nuceolus because they get information from the nucleus and they produce ribosomes (their children).
smooth endoplasmic reticulum
is the transportation system of the cell.
Hallways of a home are like the endoplasmic reticulum because everyone gets to where they're going by transporting through the hallways.
provides internal support for the membrane.
Wall frames and studs in a house work like the cytoskeleton because it supports all the walls and the roof system.
enclose a fluid matrix and their main funtion is photosynthesis. You cannot find chloroplasts in animal cells.
Solar panels on the roof of a house act like the chloroplasts because they take nuclear energy and make it usable to the house occupants, just like how photosynthesis works.
cell wall
provides additional support for the membrane.
Bricks on the outside of a house are like the walls of a cell because they make the house stronger and more durable.
is the clear fluid in the cell that surrounds everything
Air that circulates in a house is like cytoplasm because it surrounds everything and it's always there.
Golgi apparatus
plays the part of modifying, sorting, and packaging proteins and other macromolecules.
A mail box is like the golgi apparatus because it takes in letters and has them sent out (like proteins.)

provides temporary storage of water, starch, waste, and pigment
A closet acts like a vacuole because it temporarily stores clothes and shoes while we dont wear them.
make protein by using directions from DNA (protein synthesis)

Children are like ribosomes because they take orders and directions from their parents (nucleolus).
main job is to clean up waste.

A Toliet is like a lysosome because it gets rid of waste.
breaks glucose into ATP molecules in the presence of oxygen (cellular respiration).

A generator or electric control panel is like the mitochondria because it distributes energy to different parts of the house.
Cellular Parts and Functions.
This presentation was to explain how the parts and functions of a cell can relate to the parts and functions of a house,
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