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Ricardo Padilla

No description

Sophia Padilla

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of Ricardo Padilla

What is the Latino Comics Expo?
The Latino Comics Expo is the country's premier convention dedicated to showcasing the Latino experience in comic books and related arts by gathering a wide spectrum of Latino creators, as well as works featuring Latino themes and culture. The Expo is the largest of its kind in the country.
Nuestros Objectivos
(Our Goals)

highlight the creativity of comic book creators whose work reflects the influence and celebration of the Latino culture
promote literacy among the youth through several means of comic art related methods including books, graphic novels, and comic strips
raise awareness of the vast diversity in comic books and comic art
allow our Latino and Latina artists to express themselves through art forms that not only include comic books, but animation, graphic novels, and multi media artworks.
Nuestra Familia de Cartoonistas
(Our Family of Cartoonists)

Javier Hernandez

Latino Comics Expo
Latino Comics Expo
Latino Comics Expo
San Francisco
Latino Comics Expo
Long Beach
All throughout the three years that the LCX has been thriving, we have had the honor and privilege of having several talented artists join us at the Expo.
Jose Cabrera
Crying Macho Man
Designed posters for LCX years 2011- 2013
Rafael Navarro
Designed 2013 Long Beach poster
Javier Hernandez
El Muerto
Co-Founder of the
Latino Comics Expo
Lalo Alcaraz
Crystal Gonzalez
Fibble and Sin
Daniel Parada
Zotz: Serpent and Shield
Please Visit
Our Website
The Importance of Literacy in Minority Communities
44% of Latinos are at below average reading levels
69% of Latinos enrolled in college in 2012 dropped out
16% of Immigrant youth dropped out after their second year of high school
Two-thirds of America’s children living in poverty have no books at home, and the number of families living in poverty is on the rise.
By 4th grade, African American and Hispanic students are, on average, nearly three academic years behind their White peers.
Latino Comics Expo
San Jose
La Cucaracha
LCX 2014 Poster Artist
Jules Rivera
LCX Special Guests
Gilbert Hernandez
Jaime Hernandez
Mario Hernandez
Love and Rockets
Video credit: Jim Lujan 2014
Video credit: Dustin Garcia 2017
Vicko Alvarez Vega
Scholar Comics
Raul the Third
Lowriders in Space
Liz Mayorga
Bread and Butter
Latino Comics Expo
LCX 2016 Poster Artist
Latino Comics Expo
Latino Comics Expo: Brownsville
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