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No description

gs students

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of Pakistan

*Pakistan is the sixth largest populated country in the world with 182.1 million people in it
Pakistan's Government
*Pakistan has a federal form of government
Other cool facts about Pakistan
*Pakistan has the highest paved road in the world
Pakistan's imports and exports
* Pakistan top three imports are machinary, petroleum, and chemicals
Geography of Pakistan
*Pakistan has the largest mountain range in the world so Pakistan has many mountains
Pakistan's presidency
*The first president of Pakistan was Liaquat Khan
* Pakistan's top three exports are raw cotton, textile products, and cotton yarn
*Pakistan is also full of deserts
*Pakistan has many rivers flowing through it
Pakistan's religion
*Pakistans religion is 85% Muslum, 12% Hindu, 3% Buddhist, and 0.5% Christian
*Pakistan's current president is Mamnoon Hussain
*Pakistan has the Khewra salt mine which is the largest salt mine in the world
*Pakistan is located in Asia
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