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The Five Mindsets

No description

Ayman Naas

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of The Five Mindsets

The Five Minds of
a Manager The Worldly Mind-Set

• From global firms not being responsible for local consequences to consequences being a critical performance indicator,
• From generalizations to specific conditions, The Action Mind-Set

“Action results from deliberate strategies, carefully planned, that unfold as systematically managed
sequences of decisions.”
The Collaborative Mind-Set

“Leaders don’t do most of the things that their organizations get done; they do not even make them get done.” The Analytical Mind-Set

How do managers get beyond the superficialities of data and analysis, to the deeper meanings of structures and systems? To become an effective manager requires the
“deep integration” of what the authors call
“mindsets.” Mintzberg and Gosling caution that their framework is not definitive in explaining the role and functioning of managers. It is not scientifically-based, nor comprehensive. They suggest that the reader view the five mind-sets as an “attitude” that opens up new possibilities.

The Reflective Mind-set

"reflective managers are are able to see behind in order to look ahead.”
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