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Attacking Plums.

Cows. Lightbulbs. Brilliance.

Clancy Cox

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Attacking Plums.

ATTACK OF THE PLUMS! OR... ATTACK THE PLUMS!! WAIT.. We're attacking plums? why plums? Are they poisonous? And what was that about cows? IT'S A FRUIT MASSACRE! save the CHILDRENNN..!! STOP. Light bulbs? The Title is ATTACKING PLUMS. Therefore, we will discuss the attacking of plums. Possibly, but it is described as "Cows. Lightbulbs. Brilliance." That doesn't mean ANYTHING. Well maybe those are the weapons of plum destruction. Like a guide, ya know? Yes. I know. this IS supposed to be an informative power-point type thing.
So those probably are the weapons of Fruitical Destruction. I guess it makes sense... So what's the deal with plums? I mean they never really hurt anybody right? Well the Title could mean that the plums are the things attacking. You're exactly right! I always knew they were evil. I'm sure you did. Well, all I have to say is
I TOLD YOU SO. You have informed us of nothing, Preppy little font.
I betcha they like my font better because it's red.
Plus I'm bilingual. Mi color es ROJO. Correction, they like me better, because... YOU'RE A GINGER.
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