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Maximum Ride Graphic Novel Review


Trina A.

on 30 November 2010

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Transcript of Maximum Ride Graphic Novel Review

Maximum Ride
James Patterson Maximum Ride is a story about a group, or "flock", as they are often referred to, of avian people, people who have wings because they were experimented by scientists. A doctor, named Jeb Batchelder, helped them escape the place where they were being held and experimented, which they call "The School". He moved them in a house near a cliff. There, they all live in seclusion because if anyone finds out that they exist, they would be returned to the School and experimented again. It was hinted that some of them were genetically engineered and a test tube baby and some of them might had been given up by their parents. Maximum Ride was a originally a series of book written by James Patterson. It was illustrated/drawn by NaRae Lee. The first vol. of the manga was published on 2009. Summary: Setting: The graphic novel was set in an unknown place and presumably, in the present. Their house was just off a cliff in the forest. After they left the comfort of their house to get back Angel, the setting changed to an urban area. The setting gives a feeling that the book is set in a typical city because they showed a slum once, and big laboratory where they conduct their experiment, and places one would normally find in a city, such as fast foods and other buildings. The Flock:
Characters: Maximum “Max” Ride, is the leader of the Flock. She made up a name because the Flock doesn’t really know what their true names are. She got her last name from the astronaut Sally Ride. Max assumes leadership in the Flock when Jeb left. Fang is the silent one in the group. He is able to move undetected because of his silentness. Although he might seem aloof and reserve, he is caring towards his friends. He has black wings. Nudge, the exact opposite of Fang because of the fact that Nudge likes to talk a lot. She is very energetic and supportive of her friends. Iggy is the blind guy with white wings. Although he is blind, he can do things like normal people do. For example, he can cook and even make bombs with the help of his partner-in-crime, Gasman. Gasman, or “Gazzy”, is a 8 yr. old kid. He earned his name from his tendency to pass gas a lot. He is Angel’s biological brother. Angel, is a 6 yr. old avian kid who is considered the baby of the Flock. She was captured near the beginning of the book and the first book revolves around the Flock trying to save her. Other Characters: - Jeb Batchelder was the one who helped them escape the School. He was one of the doctors there. After two years, he left them suddenly and the Flock thought that he died but they never dared to discuss it.
-Erasers are mutants that were created by the School. They are given the task of searching for the Flock and they are like the police or guards of the School.
Are the characters realistic or not? Besides the fact that they have wings, they are pretty much realistic because they have their own flaws and different attitudes. For example, Max is a terrible cook, Fang is reserved and aloof. While Iggy and Gazzy are mischievous and Nudge is talkative. Angel is like the spoiled brat of the Flock. Genre: Maximum Ride would fit into fantasy and sci-fi because the main characters have wings and there are also mutants in the story. It would also be young-adult because the story is mainly for adolescents. Did you like the book? And your opinion? I thought that the book was likable. It has a nice story and the illustration was magnificent. Although, some people might find it boring because it doesn’t have much twists in it and some aspect of the story was predictable. I like the fact that even though the this book was about rescuing one of their friends, it still has humor in it, such as a blind guy and a kid making bombs, and the blind guy can cook better than the heroine. There’s also the guy who creeps everyone out by moving very silently. I would give it an 8/10 because over all, the story was good but I hope the next book would have more twists so that the readers would be interested more. Max, pertaining to their lives in seclusion in the edge of the cliff of a forest, “Here we can be ourselves. No grown-ups. No schools. No doctors. No cages… It’s simple, if no one knows about us, we stay alive.” “I’ll make eggs. I don’t want Max to burn our last frying pan.” Iggy, the blind one, “Bombs are good. I love bombs. Remember last fall? I almost caused an avalanche.” Quotes:
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