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COMM Creative Pitch

No description

Lauren Nordloh

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of COMM Creative Pitch

Rivalries Studio 8
Team Members The Ultimate Goal Amanda Dalton- Account Executive
Lauren Nordloh- Creative Director
Ashley Krumm- Art Director
Brandon Burke- Research Director
Cady Gresham- Copywriter
Lucas Crisp-Production Artist
Danny Clark- Production Artist
Travis Davis- Production Artist Campaign Description The Kentucky Wildcats and Louisville Cardinals, are the most prominent athletic programs in Kentucky.

Creating an Angry Bird's College Rivalries is a huge selling point.

Billboards, online advertisements and campus representatives will increase brand awareness and product revenue. To create brand awareness about Angry Bird's Rivalries.

Buzz will cause the consumer to talk about the game and promote it through word of mouth.
Word of mouth is the most trusted way of promotion because it is coming from a trusted, unbiased source. Brand Character A fun and spirited image.

Viewed as a safe, reliable company that you can download a fun, clean game onto your phone/ computer.

Be trustworthy, to create repeat and loyal consumers. Target Audience High school students: Ages (13-18)
This segment contains 9.6 million consumers
74% carry cell phones and 34% have played a game on their phone in the past 30 days.

College students: Ages (18-24)
16,000 students are enrolled at UofL alone.
These individuals make up 22% of users.

Adults: Ages (35-44)
Rovio's main target audience .
35% of users in this audience play the game on a regular basis. Media Strategies Billboards Media Strategies Social Media/Online Advertisements Media Strategies Campus Representatives The Ultimate Goal The ultimate goal from word of mouth is to:

Increase revenue.
Increase brand awareness.
Gain loyal consumers and brand advocates Large and easily noticed by a significant number of consumers at a single time.

Could be located close to both UofL and UK's campus to target both sport and college fans as well as people just driving by.

The advertisement would include both the cardinal bird head and wildcat head to represent both teams and include the saying "The Rivalry Continues!" It is essential to market online because it is focused in on the target audience.

Ads are determined based on a users recent online activity.

Social media will also allow us to tweet or make Facebook posts about the product to help engage consumers.
An example would be "check out our new Angry Bird's Rivalries game to compete both for and against your favorite team!"
In addition, we would hold contests and give discounts to engage consumers. This is a trending way to promote and advertise the game.

Campus Representative would be prominent UofL and UK students
Their duties would be to hold events to promote the game and create general brand awareness.

This would include handing out free products, speaking to potential users to create a buzz.

A specific example would be to create a real life Angry Bird's Rivalry game to engage consumers in a new and unique way. Citations Creamer, C. (2012). www.sportslogos.net. Louisville Cardinals Logo. November 18, 2012. http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/2841/Louisville_Cardinals/2001/Alternate_Logo. Cardinal Bird Kentucky Wildcat Creamer, C. (2012). www.sportslogos.net. Kentucky Wildcat's Logo. November 18, 2012. http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/2830/Kentcky_Wildcats/2001/Alternate_Logo. Statistical Information Unknown. (2012). www.rovio.com. Rovio Angry Bird's. November 16, 2012. http://www.rovio.com/
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Unknown. (2012) www.aytm.com. AYTM Market Research. November 16,2012. http://www.aytm.com/ Angry Bird's Logo Unknown. (2012). www.stuffpoint.com. Stuff Point. November 18,2012.http://stuffpoint.com/angry-birds/image/50622/angry-pig-picture/ Presented by
Studio 8
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