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Masters Degree Project

Skovde University Masters Thesis

Umer Shahzad

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Masters Degree Project

Contents 1. Problem Background
2. Research Problem
3. Research Purpose
4. Limitations
5. Theoretical Framework
6. Methodology
7. Findings and Analysis
8. Conclusion and Recommendations 1. Problem Background Why Internationalization? (Karakaya and Yannopoulos, 2010) Why companies fail in foreign markets – lack of knowledge (Carlson, 1975 cited in Forsgren and Hagstrom, 2007) Importance of relationships in international business (Håkansson, 1982; Ford et al, 2006) Relationship Quality (Lages et al, 2005) Factors affecting buyer-seller relationship (Powers and Reagen, 2007) Business relations in Russia (Hitt et al,2004 ; Gorovaia, 2005 cited in Darkow et al., 2008) Other previous studies providing gap to be covered in this research 2. Research Problem The Research Based on literature review and scientific methods would help to provide solutions
to the following questions: Q3. What are the appropriate measures to handle these challenges for their relationships to function
properly? Q2. What are the factors that challenge and influence buyer-seller relationships among Russian and
Polish firms? Q1. What is the nature of buyer-seller business relationships among Russian and Polish firms? 3. Research Purpose The aim of research is to investigate the nature of buyer-seller relationship among the Russian
and the Polish firms by looking in to :
Relationship Quality
Relationship Angles
Stages in Relationship
Way of negotiations

Secondly, identify the factors which could affect these relationships and mesaures to overcome
the challenges invloved in it.

To achieve the purpose of the research, case study design has been chosen to gain insight to the
phenomenon of relationship. 4. Limitations The research deals with buyer-seller relationships among Polish suppliers and Russian customer
firms where seller firm has chosen export as entry mode.

Due to time constraint i.e. five months, the research was conducted by relying on three cases
i.e. two Polish and One Russian firm.

The thesis is limited to selected cases and to generalize the conclusions more data is needed from
different sources. 5. Theoretical Framework 5. Theoretical Framework Applied Theoretical Concepts Applied Model 6. Methodology 7. Findings and Analysis Selected companies: OBI (Russia), Bobicki Firm (Poland) and Bauplast (Poland)

The primary data collected with the help of focus group and interviews was analyzed by
summarizing the findings and then categorizing them in to headings based on selected

The findings from focus group helped in understanding and exploring the nature of the business
relationships and factors affecting them.

The findings from interviews helped to get detailed information about the issues focused in this
study. 8. Conclusion and Recommendations The conclusion consists of the results of analysis in relevance to the selected theoretical concpets.

The chapter is divided in three sections based on the research questions of the study.

Nature of Relationship among the Polish and the Russian firms.

Effects of environmental factors.

Measures to manage and strengthen relationship.

Recommendations for the Companies.

Further research.

Theoretical and Practical Implications. "The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination." ~ Don Williams, Jr. Master Degree Project in Business Administration
Advanced level, 15 ECTS
Spring semester, 2011 Supervisor: Associate Professor Desalegn Abraha Examiner: Peter Hulten Ph.D Prepared by:
Julia Bobicka
Umer Shahzad Presentation of Master's Thesis Industrial Relationships in the International Environment
The case of Polish firms in Russia Dated: 1st June,2011
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