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Architecture- Devin & Sara

No description

Sara Awan

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Architecture- Devin & Sara

Walt Disney Concert Hall
Los Angeles, United States
2003 Architecture Sara & Devin Antoni Gaudi June 25 1852- June 10 1926
Born: Reus, Catalonia, Spain

School: Barcelona Higher School of Architecture,
graduated 1878 Sagrada Família
Barcelona, Spain Casa Milà
Barcelona, Spain Casa Batlló
Barcelona, Spain Style: Catalan Modernism Frank Owen Gehry 1880s 1910s Trencadis: Made of waste ceramic pieces Roof of Casa Batlló February 28, 1929-Present (Age 83)
Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

School: University of Southern California- School of Architecture
Harvard Graduate School of Design Praised by Architects & Public

Nicknamed "God's Architect:" Roman Catholic Faith

"Sagrada Família" among most visited monuments in Spain Style: Deconstructivism Preservation vs Respect

7 buildings declared World Heritage Sites
by UNESCO World Heritage Committee Guggenheim Museum
Bilbao, Northern Spain
1997 Reputation 1882 1877 1905 Redefined Reputation? waste structural resources

creating functionless forms

don't belong in surroundings

designed without climate considerations Real World Connections Religion fencing and corrugated metal siding" "Sagrada Familia" = Roman-Catholic Church Over 11 Honors and Awards since 1994 Real World Connections AGO - Art Gallery of Ontario
Toronto, Canada
2004 June 8, 1867 – April 9, 1959
Born: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

School: University of Wisconsin–Madison Frank Lloyd Wright Style: Organic Guggenheim Museum
New York, New York
1959 Fallingwater
Mill Run, Pennsylvania
1936 Taliesin West
Scottsdale, Arizona
1927 Imperial Hotel
Tokyo, Japan
1923 Real World Connections Reputation starchitect Wright was recognized in 1991 by the American Institute of Architects
as "The Greatest American Architect Of All Time" 1966 US Stamp Known for his bubbly personality and colorful personal life Simon & Garfunkel recorded "So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright" as a tribute Gothic Art Be an architect! Criteria Must be based on one of the styles mentioned today


Add a twist! What inspired you to make your building this way?

What does your work re-invent? How does it change the world? (Catalan Modernism, Deconstructivism, Organic) Think of your past and what form your work would take.
Ex: Gaudi was religious so he built a church
OR you could combine two of the mentioned artists' styles! Must withstand the "Force of Nature" just as the buildings mentioned have Note: pronunciations of names may not be accurate. - Anti-traditional
- Curves instead of straight lines
- High detail
- Incorporated nature as a motif Three façades: Nativity Passion Glory Pointed arches
Ribbed Vaults
Flying buttress Date: 1882 - 2026
Medium: 22 Different stones

- Gaudi's last proj.
- The "Holy Family"
in Spanish
- 129 years of construction (so far)
- Theme of change: Symbolism in church: Two chameleons on a façade represent change Date: 1887
Medium: Stones & Ceramic pieces

- Roof made with "Trencadis" technique. Colours: golden orange moving into greenish blues
- The roof = the back of a dragon (Allusion to biblical story)

- Theme of Change:
- Avoided straight lines
- Contrast with buildings beside it Called "the apostle of chain-link - Fragmented and unpredictable
- Distortion
- Non-rectilinear shapes (Not 90° angles)
- "Controlled chaos" -sustainable
-unique Cubism Normal clothing
Gaga clothing = Modern Architecture
Deconstructivism ECCENTRIC in character Lady Gaga Climate Change Promoting sustainability
Modernization without damaging environment (Harmony)
Building around/inside > building over Broken up images
Geometric, but free from the expected

What cubism does to objects and people,
Deconstructivism does to buildings Al Gore Both powerful figures in the public eye
Used media (The Inconvenient Truth) to raise awareness
just as Wright made buildings
Political standpoint on ecology Medium: titanium, glass and limestone
- museum of modern and contemporary art
-random curved metal
-exterior designed to catch light
-atrium has a view of the city landscape

Common theme: The exterior of the building is intentionally made to appear random Medium: Glass, wood, blue titanium, metal

- Gehry commissioned to revitalize AGO
-added spiral stairwell
-Galleria Italia; glass+wood walkway

Common theme: The regular and bland exterior of the AGO was transformed with the renovations. As the wood and glass Galleria Italia walkway was built adding shape and individuality.
Medium: desert rock, wood forms, concrete

-Winter home and design studio of Frank Lloyd Wright.
translucentt canvas as roof
-irregularly shaped rooms

Common theme: The interior of the home is filled with irregularly-shaped areas redefining the the average rectangular home
Medium: Steel, concrete, wood, glass and stone

- built for the Kaufmann family.
- built over a waterfall
- base of house is constructed using T-shaped metal beams and concrete slabs

Common theme: The engineers and architects had to surpass the normal home building procedures in addition to reinvent the base of the house
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