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Rowan Of Rin Summary

No description

Grace Sophie

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Rowan Of Rin Summary

The Meeting
It all starts when the water stops flowing down the stream from Rin and people have to up the mountain to see what is stopping the water from flowing. But before they go they have to go to Sheba. People say she is a witch.
They all went to Sheba and bought her the nicest cheese they could find in the bakery to get information on the mountain, so she gave them a riddle.
The Mountain
They all climbed up the mountain struggling with the steepness, they have a few sleeps and head off early in the mornings.
The Forest
When they are climbing up the mountain they get stuck when they her a twittering nose. They think it is birds but they are spiders, and they are everywhere. Val has to leave because he Val has a fear of spiders.
The Heroes
The group of 7 were getting ready to go up the mountain. Rowans mum was worrying and very nervous. They say that Rowan was very different when his father was alive because Rowans farther died in a fire.
There was a big spider web and Val had a phobia of spiders and had to leave the mountain before the sunrise went down. There are now 6 left in the journey.
Rowan Of Rin Summary
By Gabriella Caldwell

Endless Night
It was freezing and dark, they had a long way to go but the night just never ended for them.
They have to swim across a long cold icy lake but Marlie can't swim
They all just got out of the swamp but Allan had to leave. She felt that her twin was waiting for her.
Flesh and blood
Strong Jonn


Seven hearts the journey make.
Seven ways the hearts will break.
Bravest heart will carry on
When sleep is death, and hope is gone.
Look in the fiery jaws of fear
And see the answer white and clear,
Then throw away all thoughts of home
For only then your quest is done.

The Snare
They are up high in the mountain, they is a lake that they have to take.They have tunnels on the cold lake and they don't know which one it will be. The tunnel that they chose is very tight and Marlie may not be able to carry on because she has claustrophobia .
Bravest Heart
Rowan and Strong John are the only ones left they were in the tunnel for several days but they made it. Strong Jonn was tired but if he fell asleep he will die, so Rowan made a snow barrier for him and they carried on with the journey.
The Answer
They are up the mountain and found the dragon. He is in pain so Rowan tries to find why, and he spots a bone in its tooth. He takes it out and he needs to hunt for food andthe dragon goes for Strong Jonn.
Rowan throws the compass at the dragon and it releases Strong Jonn.
The Ending
Rowan and Strong Jonn come down the stream and everyone shouts out you saved Rin and the family is happy. They mum and sister all run up to him. Strong Jonn said that rowan was the bravest and he brung me home, and if i fell asleep I would have died
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