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Chap. 11

The Roaring Twenties

Mr. Latona

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Chap. 11

The Roaring Twenties Chapter 11 The Amendment that created Criminals. After WWI, America was
eager to get back to a
normal way of life. NORMALCY Pres. Harding would promise
to return to NORMALCY. ...but a scare would begin. The Red Scare Communism Gov. owns land and property
Single party control
Individuals have no rights.
* VOW TO SPREAD!!! Why Red?
Lenin's supporters were called the REDs. Am's looked to root out
in the U.S. Communist Palmer Raids Palmer Raids =
A special force to
search and removed
communist. Public Enemy
#1 Al "Scarface" Capone South side
Gangster Bugs
Moran North Side
Chicago Gangster Irish Immigrant Italian Immigrant N.Y.
City Italian Purple Gang Detroit
Jewish Immigrants St. Valentines Day
Massacre Roaring
1920's List up to
things you know
about the 1920's? 5 Criminals will become celebrities Warren
Harding Attorney General
Mitchell Palmer Sacco Vanzetti 2 Italian immigrants
accused of Robbery
& Murder. 1920 Reasons they looked guilty to
many Americans:
Spoke broken English
Carrying guns when arrested Many people thought they
were arrested because
they were immigrants. Sacco & Vanzetti would be
sentenced to by the electric chair. ...but were they guilty? DEATH Tragedy
America!!! On August 23, 1923
President Harding
died of heart failure. ...but some believe his wife poisoned him! New President takes over and wins in 1924! Calvin
Coolidge Keep Cool
Coolidge Harding's Policies *Isolationism *Disarmament *Limit Immigration Isolationism = Avoid any
alliance with countries. *Stay alone Disarmament = Nations would give up their weapons. Nativist = People who favor American Born 5 Reasons Nativist
disliked immigrants 1 2 3 4 5 Immigrants couldn't be
loyal. Dislike for
Catholics. Problems in
cities were because of
immigrants. Immigrants took jobs. Immigrants
had dangerous
political ideas Harding's presidency
was plagued by scandal. Pres. Coolidge believed the best
business for America was Coolidge believed in

but it was important to pass the Isolationism Kellogg-Briand Pact Kellogg-Briand Pact = Countries would
use the threat of war
when talking. NOT "I would never
threaten you with war when you eat my cereal" Captain
Crunch Business Boom The 1920's changed
America to the fast
society we know today. Consumer Economy A economy that is based on
people buying things. The future was so optimistic that

became very popular. Buying on Credit Installment Plans =
Buy something big
and make payments. Model T What are some PRO's
& CON's about
Buying on Credit? Ford & The Automobile Automobiles. The Duryea's developed
the 1st A Native of Michigan
Created the "Quadricycle" Quadricycle Who was
Henry Ford? Henry Ford became
famous and wealthy
from his "Model T" Ford standing next
to his 1st and
10 millionth. Ford's dream was
to make cars that
ordinary people
could afford. The
Line Ford's assembly line was different
because the workers didn't
move and completed the same
task all day. Along with the Assembly Line, Ford used Model T Facts:
"Tin Lizzy"
Top speed 45mph
15 million made
Sold from $850-$260
9 Diff. Body styles
One was make every 24 seconds.
"You could get any color as long as its black." VERTICAL
CONSOLIDATION to make his company grow. V.C. = A Company owns
everything to make,
transport, and sell
their product. Pro's & Con's of Henry Ford Pro's Ford Changed the way we live.
created affordable cars.
$5 a day Con's Refused to change.
Ruled with harsh violence.
Blamed problems on the jewish people. Was Henry Ford the Icon we think
he was or was a feared autocratic
business leader? How did the car
change society? Flapper = A young
rebellious women. The 1920's Flapper smoked, drank, danced, and voted. In the past women were
viewed as second class
citizens. People start to move
to the cities for
the excitement! Demographics showed that people
moved to cities for
jobs and new opportunities. The Great Migration Af. Am's began moving
north to escape the
Jim Crow Laws. American
Heroes ...But not this type of hero. American's wanted heroes that had
strong morals and reminded them
of "The Good Old Days". Charles
"Lucky Lindy" Lindy becomes the 1st to
fly Nonstop from
N.Y. to Paris in 1927. 32mins $25,000 was the
prize for making
the voyage. Lucky Lindy would
go without the
following: Radio
Copilot Most importantly.... No Sleep! After 33 1/2 hrs
& Icy conditions,
Lindy makes it Paris! Lindy lands in Paris and celebrations begin. Lindbergh will receive the M.O.H. & C.D. When Lindbergh turned down
millions he became even more
of a hero to the Am. people. She would become
the 1st women to
complete the flight
to Paris. Amelia
Earhart Amelia would attempt to fly around the
world, but she disappear over the
Pacific Ocean. She was never seen again... 1932 1937 Breaking
News!!! Jack
Dempsy Boxing World Heavy Weight Champ 1921 The Babe Ruth was one of
the best baseball
players of all-time. “I won't be happy until we have every boy in America between the ages of six and sixteen wearing a glove and swinging a bat.” Babe Ruth Facts about George "Babe" Herman Ruth:
7-Time World Series Champion
Played from 1914-1935
Red Sox, Yankees, & Boston Braves.
714 Career Home runs
The Babe saved baseball after the Black Sox Scandal. Heroes in the Sports World 1920's Mass Media Newspapers and Radio in the 1920's
created a Common Culture. Newspapers &
Radio were
examples of Mass Media. Mass Media = Informing
a large amount of people. Radio
Newspapers The Law that made us LAWLESS. PROHIBITION The Scopes Trial The big question in the
1920's was... Should
be taught in schools? Evolution 3 Questions arose to challenge
the traditional beliefs.
Science and Tech were in everyday life.
War made people question a higher power.
The bible had inaccuracies 2 Teams emerged Evolutionist vs Fundamentalist The battle started when Tenn. science teacher John T. Scopes taught evolution in his
class. William Jennings Bryan Clarence Darrow Bible Caveman What was the
climax of the
trial? This became
known as... "The
Trial" The
started it all
1920 Why did
play such an important
role during Detroit Prohibition? Only of the
population obeyed
the law! 5% Which state
goes DRY 1st? Why is it
Ironic? Windsor Detroit Funnel 75% of all the
alcohol smuggled
into the U.S. came
through Detroit. would smuggle the alcohol in from Canada and sell
it to a Bootleggers Speakeasie. Bootleggers = People who
illegally smuggle alcohol
into the U.S. during Prohibition. How would they get it across the river or lake? Ways to smuggle alcohol:
Secret spots in cars (Ferry or across the ice)
One bottle at a time
Under water How would a Bootlegger
get around the Police? If you got around the Police....

Who else did you have to deal with? The were Detroit's most
notorious gang. Purples Even Al Capone didn't mess with Detroit. When your in
that's another
story. 1920's Chicago Capone Facts:
Bull Strong
Born in NY
$60 million
Hates Bugs Moran Capone decides to set-up Moran
on Feb. 14, 1929. Happy Valentines Day!!! 7 of Moran's
men show up... but no Moran. The rest is history. Moran
Death The nation had enough of the

will be signed and prohibition will
end in Violence. 21st Amendment 1933. Additional information on the final from Chapter 11.
Route 66 was a highway created during the 1920's that connected Chicago & Sacramento.
The "Jazz Singer" was the first movie with sound.
The TEAPOT DOME SCANDAL would be the scandal that brought down President Harding.
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