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CPR Prezi

No description

Sara Pierce

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of CPR Prezi

Background photo by t.shigesa -Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Step 6 Background CPR How to do CPR How it works Step 5: - Place hands directly over sternum Sara Pierce -1954 -1970 C-A-B Method 2 CPR Methods: -Hands Only Hands Only Just Chest
Compressions Step 1: Step 2: get right hand position lay person flat
on back Step 3: Kneel next to
person and listen
for breathing Step 4: Put hands in proper position interlocked for adults one hand for child two fingers or thumb
for infant - C-A-B - C: Compressions - A: Airway - B: Breaths 100 BPM Step 7: -give 2 rescue breaths - Push down at least 2 inches in adults and children - Push down 1.5
inches in infants. - Do 30 compressions - Tilt head back - Check for obstruction in airway Then Repeat
until help arrives
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