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alejandra miranda

on 11 March 2010

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Transcript of Speak.

Her Life... This book can relate to many teenagers
thats have had problems due to abuse.
They might think that world doesnt care
about them but their to scared to confront
with their own problems. THe story talkd
about a girl that barely enters highschool
and has to face the person that had raped
her. The story comes with real life situation
where a girl gets raped at a house
party. And yet the rapist who did thinks
they did nothing bad. The story gets very interesting who are really into
life situations that can sometimes be so surreal to them.The character in the
story seems very shut down to the
world and it makes the reader think that their reading her diary because of
the way the author wrote it.Which catches the readers attention. Another reason why i Liked this book was because it makes some people understand the tennage life in highschool. How if they did something uncool that the whole world[school wise] hates them. And they dont want to be seen to talk to the outcast. ConClusion...
I actually do recommend this book to
many teenagers and some adults so
that they can understand that its not
so easy to be a highschool outcast. And
for those who seek help and to know
that its ok to tell someone the truth and
to not be scared. The way Laurie Halse Anderson
portrays the character is very
amusing. It definitely leaves
the reader wanting more to read
because of the desrciption and how
teenagers usually write.
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