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Francis Drake

No description

Nathan Martinez

on 26 January 2017

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Transcript of Francis Drake

Born in 1540-1544
At Devonshire England
Son of farmer on an estate

Circumnavigating the globe.
Drake traveled in search of a passage to the Atlantic
He landed near San Francisco and claimed the land for the Queen
On his way back to England he bought spices from the Philippines. I wonder if they were...
was welcomed like a hero
was the first person from England to circumnavigate the globe after his return he was personally knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.
First Sailing Exploration
Drake and his cousin John Hawkins sailed to Africa
Wanted to join a slave trade
At San Juan de Ulua port they were trapped by an attack
Queen Elizabeth Is expeditions
Caught the eye of
Francis Drake
By: Nathan Martinez

Problems at the Port
Attack killed most of his crew
Drake and Hawkins escaped
Only took back an eternal hatred for Spain
Motivated him to become an explorer
Routes and obstacles
Date of the Port attack voyage: 1567
The Straits of Magellan: 1577
Found the Pacific Ocean: 1578



Drake traveled through the Straits of Magellan and the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, there were two other men who had the job of commander. Drake arrested one of the men, and had his head chopped off. Also, 2 out of 5 f his ships were lost in a storm. Another vanished and a commander turned his ship around so that he could return to England. Drake's ship- the Golden Hind- was the only ship to make it to the Pacific.
Thank You!!!
1) Francis was raised in Plymouth
2) He was raised by the Hawkins family.
3)The Hawkins were merchants and privateers (aka pirates).
4) First sailed when he was 18
The Death of a Great
In 1596, Queen Elizabeth sent Drake on a journey against Spain in the West Indies
It was a great failure, and Drake got the fever and dysentery.
Dysentery is a disease in the intestines which might make blood and mucus appear in your droppings.
In 1596 Drake died off the coast of Panama and was buried at sea.
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