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i-phone presentation

No description

Lauren Colliton

on 6 May 2012

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Transcript of i-phone presentation

Benefits, facts, and results
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(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
Why should I get
an i-phone?

To do list:
1. Wash dishes
2. make dinner
3. Vacuum/dust
4. Do laundry
5. Cut the grass
6. Rake leaves
7. Shovel snow
8. Clean out any room/closet/bathroom
9. Couponing
Smaller jobs shall be rewarded with
$2 off of the bill....
....while bigger jobs, like cleaning a whole
room will be rewarded with more money
being deducted off the bill. The amount
will be decided based on the situation.
Some jobs (ex. washing dishes) can be completed
almost if not everyday. Other jobs, like raking, can
only be completed in certain times of the year,
but are still important and shall be considered a
job too and should be followed by some money
being deducted from my bill as well.
Learning Experience
Currently, the price of an i-phone from Verizon is $199.99 plus $30 per month.
You say that you can pay the $200 for the actual phone, but are unwilling to pay the $30 every month.
Well I have created
a solution!
My Plan
I have about $100 from the previous Christmas which can be used to help buy the phone.
Also, I have created a plan for me to get money to pay the $30 per month.
This is how I believe we should go about this:
The $30 a month is like a bill I have to pay as if I were an adult. I will have to pay the bill, so I must work. That is where chores come in. But instead of "chores", we should call them "jobs"
I ask you to please understand that I will try to do what you ask me to do as soon as possible, but sometimes I can't do it right then. Please do not yell at me for not doing a job or not doing it correctly. The rule is that I have to make at least $30 by the end of the month by doing various jobs around the house. I do not want to be told what job to do and when exactly to do it. I think the best option is for you to give me suggestions. If this turns into me being forced to do certain jobs or being punished, it will not be a fun experience for anyone. We must work together if we want this to work. Please do not look down on me or yell at me and I promise I will not do it to you. Think of me as an adult just like you, not a kid.
Let's look at the benefits...
Teach me responsibility with money
Provide a lot of opportunities to learn essential life skills that I need to know before I go to college
Allow me to show you how responsible I can be
Give me a chance to have jobs I need to do so I don't just do nothing all day
Please remember, I have school, sports, and homework to do every day, unlike actual adults who only go to work and come home. I cannot fit in a bunch of jobs in one day. Also, I can't always do the job you suggest with all of these things going on, so don't expect me to do it right away.
I will get my job done of working until each bill is paid off, so please do not try to get too involved in my jobs. This experience will not work.
Why should I have a new phone?
My old phone
I got my phone almost three years ago.
It sometimes just shuts off or the touchscreen doesn't work.
I am embarrassed by my phone and try not to take it out or use it in front of people.
My phone has a lot of scratches on it and it is very old.
I can't play any games on my phone.
My new phone
Most of my friends have i-phones and they always play on them at lunch and I feel really left out because I just sit there.
I can look up stuff you need (directions/recipes) with ease.
It will teach me responsibility because I will have to take really good care of my phone.
Games on the phone will keep me occupied if I have to go somewhere with you where I would have been bored and bothered you.
There would be less difficulty with my phone than if I got a phone that isn't a smart phone.
It will make me happier :)
I deserve it!
I get very good grades and work as hard as I possibly can in school.
I'm not doing drugs, drinking, or getting pregnant like others at my school.
You should be proud of me!
Show me that you are proud by allowing me to have an i-phone and providing me with the opportunity to prove myself as an adult.
I won't be on your i-pad all the time. Therefore, there will be less fighting
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