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Grade 6 Science - FLIGHT

No description

Andy Lefebvre

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Grade 6 Science - FLIGHT

Today we are going to learn about the four forces of flight.
Curriculum Expectations
2.5 use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including aerodynamics, compress, flight, glide, propel, drag, thrust, and lift ,in oral and written communication

3.3 identify and describe the four forces of flight –
lift, weight, drag, and thrust

B.2.1: demonstrate an understanding of the basic components of physical activities

How does throwing a football demonstrate:

Today, we are going to learn about the Properties of Air
Experiment 1
What happened when you placed the glass upside down into the bowl of water?
Why did this happen?

The paper towel remained dry because air took up space and prevented the water from entering the glass.
Experiment 2
What happened to the balloon?
Why do you think it expanded?

As the air molecules inside the balloon begin to get warmer, they expand. This causes the balloon to expand.
Experiment 3
What happens when you try to draw water from the bottle?
Why does this happen?

Water cannot be drawn up the straw because equal air pressure had been created in your mouth.

- we know it exists,
- it’s all around us,
- we see moving trees,
- it fills our lungs,
- it has substance but can’t be seen
- we can’t taste it, but
- we can feel it.
Air takes up space
Air expands when heated
Air pushes on objects (exerts pressure)
3 Properties of Air
Air is matter so it must be made up of molecules and atoms. We also know it moves things since we can see the clouds moving in the sky and storms approaching us in the distance. We know that the air must move because it brings us our weather. Air can change temperature - we can feel the temperature of the air against our skin. Sometimes air can smell. It is able to carry the smell of roses to our noses or for that matter an angry skunk, too. We know that hot air rises and that hot air can hold more moisture. We see birds using the air to travel from place to place and we also see seeds being blown around by the wind. We know that the air can become quite dirty from dust but also quite polluted. Sometimes we can see the pollution or smell the pollution. We know that air must take up space because we have all blown up a balloon or put air in our bicycle tires.
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