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Table Manners 101

No description

michelle lee

on 8 March 2012

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Transcript of Table Manners 101

Table Manners 101:
How to survive a lunch interview prepared by Michelle Lee Before the meal During the meal Conclusion Wait! Before the meal Spaghetti Monsters: order something else! The NO-NO's:
Gassy What to order then? Grilled Chicken
Fish Steak/Fillet
Steamed Veggies
Pork Chops Unfold before touching the bread
Do not blow your nose or remove lipstick on it!
Fold neatly when leaving the table Do not cut the bread with the butter spreader!
Use your napkin or the bread cloth
One piece at a time
Olive oil > vinegar The French way: scoop inwards
The British way: scoop outwards
Do not hit the bottom of the bowl hold it by the stem or foot when chilled
swirl it on the table ALWAYS hold it by the stem or foot
Do NOT swirl it! White Wine Red Wine Ewww. During the meal Continental Style The Secret Codes: Finished 5:00 Resting 5:00 7:00 Conclusion Sources "Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot."
Clarence Thomas Sources 1. Baller’s Alert. “You snagged him now he is wining and dining you at the most expensive
restaurant – learn how to hold a wine glass”

2. Cerebral Discharge. “Stick a fork in it”

3. Chef Specialties. “Recipes”

4. Etiquette Scholar. “The Complete Table Manners & Dining Etiquette Reference” http://www.etiquettescholar.com/dining_etiquette/restaurant_etiquette/table_etiquette/table_etiquette.html

5. Image Resource Group. “Dining Etiquette Seminar – Eating Styles”

6. List 17. “17 Types of Cutlery”

7. Watson, Georgia. “Some Dining Etiquette Tips – Tips on Socially Correct Dining – How to Properly Eat Soup” Weddings by Georgia. December 17th, 2010. http://weddingsbygeorgia.blogspot.com/2010/12/some-dining-etiquette-tips-tips-on.html

8. Recipetips. “Classic Napkin Fold”
http://www.recipetips.com/kitchen-tips/t--492/classic-napkin-fold.asp ewww. ewww. Prezi.com :)
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