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Presentation of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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David Newman

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Presentation of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

So let's go on with........
Presentation of Ray Bradbury's
Fahrenheit 451

by Yasin Haksöz and David Newman
So let's start:
Ray Bradbury
He was the author of the dystopian novel " Fahrenheit 451" which is one of the most famous dystopias of the 20th century
The Fahrenheit Radar
We will present you the
novel in an alphabetical order, so every letter will
give you an interesting fact about the book.
A stands for "alarm"
It is the sign for firemen like Montag,
that there are books which must be
burned by them, because the firemen in fahrenheit are starting fires and not cancel them

"B" which stands for "Bradbury"
now let's go on with.........
"C" which stands for "Clarisse"
She is 17 year old girl who loves nature and lives in the neighbourhood of Montag. She is very curious about everything, contrary to many other people. Captain Beatty calls her a "time bomb"
"D" is for "destruction"
The society of Fahrenheit is about to get destructed because of many problems which are mostly caused by ignorance and the deletion of everything that seem to make people unhappy.
"E" stands for "English professor"
Faber was an English professor and one of Montags mentors troughout his journey. He is against the governement and wants to boycott it.
"F" stands for "Fireman"
The firemen in Fahrenheit where trained to burn things down and not to rescue anybody. They follow directions without thinking too much about it.
"G" stands for Ginger
Granger was the leader of the "book people". A group of people who are intellectuals and fight against the modern government. They recite different famous books, so they could not burned and forgotten.

Happy illusion
Granger was the leader of the " book people". A group of people who are intellectuals and fight against the governement. They recite different famous books, so they could not be burned and forgotten
The people in Fahrenheit do mostly live in the illusion that they are happy, but it is just an illusion and the government has many problems to sustain it.
"I"stands for ignorance
"J" stands for "justice"
The people in Fahrenheit are getting justiced just because they own books. Just because of this felony, their whole house could be burned down.
"K" stands for "kerosine"
instead of water, the firemen are spraying kerosene over the house so they could burn it down.
"L" stands for "life"
The life of people in Fahrenheit is an illusion for the most part. Everybody is depressed in reality, but they are throwing their depression away with all kinds of pills.
"M" stands for"major themes"
The major themes in Fahrenheit are are religion, paradoxes, life/death, technology and censorship
"n" stands for neighbour
Clarisse was the neighbour of Guy Montag and she was one of the persons who led Montag to his awakening.
"o" stands for "order"
Fahrenheit takes place in a world of strict rule and order. Free thought is strictly prohibited, books ar forbidden and activities are tightly organized.
"P" stands for "phoenix"
The phoenix is a symbol for the renewed hope of mankind which Granger uses in his comparison, where he compares mankind to a pheonix.
"Q" stands for "questioning"
When Montag began to question the things around him, he started to change.
"R" stands for religion
"R" stands for religion
Although it appears no character in Fahrenheit 451 holds any religious beliefs, Bradbury includes many religious references in this novel. The book Montag saves from the old woman's house is The Bible. Throughout his tribulations, Montag holds on to this book, reading it on the subway, showing it to Faber, and finally, with Granger and the other intellectuals, Montag agrees that The Bible is the book he will memorize in order to one day, in a new society, reprint.
"S" stands for stoneman
Stoneman is another fireman in captain Beattys team. In the beginning of the story, Montag has much in common with Stoneman but the distance between them grows more and more in the course of the story.
"T" stands for technology
The people in Fahrenheit are pretty much slaves of the technology and it has power over their lives.
"U" stands for utopia
Fahrenheit also has utopian charakteristics. One example is the good medical system and financial situation of the people.
"V" stands for "value"
The value of most people in Fahrenheit is very low. It doesn't really matter if somebody dies or not. People driving each other death and some citizens do it even for fun.
"W" stands for "weakness"
The society tries to keep people weak so they can't do much harm to the system.
"x" stands for "x minus 1"
X minus 1 is a radioshow on which Ray Bradbury participated several times in the year 1955.
"Y" stands for "yellow flame colored beetle"
Captain Beatty drives this car. Like the mechanical hound, it can nose out information about the disloyality of firemen.
"Z" stands for "zoomorphic"
Zoomorphic is that when something has the shape like a human, animal or a thing but is not. The mechanical hound was a typical example for zoomorphic, because it was a robot who looks like a dog.
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