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St. Patrick's Day

No description

Mia Smith

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of St. Patrick's Day

What is Ireland?
The island of Ireland consists of two countries: Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom and the capital is called Belfast. The Republic of Ireland is a separate country and the capital is called Dublin.
Who was St. Patrick?
St. Patrick is the
patron saint
of Ireland. He was born in Britain near the end of the fourth
. He is believed to have died on March 17, around 460 A.D. At the age of 16, Patrick was taken prisoner by a group of Irish
who were attacking his family’s home. They brought him to Ireland where he spent six years as a slave. During this time, he worked as a shepherd, guarding sheep. It is said that this is when he became a Christian.
After more than six years as a prisoner, Patrick escaped. To do so, Patrick walked nearly 200 miles to the Irish coast. According to the legend, an angel in a dream told him to return to Ireland as a
Familiar with the Irish language and culture, Patrick chose to mix traditional
into his lessons of Christianity instead of trying to get rid of

Based on http://www.history.com/topics/st-patricks-day/who-was-saint-patrick
Shamrocks and the colour green
Irish people wear green on St. Patrick's day. It is said to bring luck. Also, if a person isn't wearing anything green you can pinch them.
What about the snakes?
St. Patrick is said to have driven all snakes away from Ireland. The truth is that there never were any snakes in Ireland.
Thank you!
How much do you know about Ireland?
On March 17th St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in Ireland, in the USA and in many more places around the world. Today we are having a quick look at Ireland and St. Patrick. Pay attention, there will be a quiz at the end!

Skills to practice:
culture studies
Did you get it?
Let's watch a video that tells us the story once more.

St. Patrick's Day
A brief introduction to Ireland
Celebrations today
Large parades are held to celebrate St. Patrick's day. The first ones actually took place in the USA. Rivers have been dyed green for the occasion.
People wear green, drink beer and eat corned beef and cabbage.
According to legend, St. Patrick used the three leaves of a shamrock to symbolize the holy trinity: the father, the son and the holy spirit.
Other than English, Irish is a national language in Ireland. It is very different to English and you will probably not understand a single word of it.
A common phrase is "Éirinn go Brách", which means "Ireland forever".
Ready for a quiz?

Look at the
bold words
. Do you understand them all? Work with a friend. Try to explain the words to each other.
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