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Hitler's Master Race

No description

taylor wilson

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Hitler's Master Race

The Nazi party believed that the Aryan race was a "pure blood" race.
Hitler believed that the Jewish people and other inferiors threatened the "perfect people".
Hitler's Master Race

How he tried to create the perfect race?
People know as "super beings" were usually taken from families, and they were tested on. Hitler had secret faculties that would take DNA samples of a perfect human and inject it into an inferior.
Hitler implemented the T-4 program that would kill off deformed children, gypsies, or African American, and they would also inject chemicals into inferiors to see how the body would react.
How did he try to create the perfect race?
Hitler's plan to create a master race went against ethical rights. He treated human beings like dogs to try and build up a "perfect race".
How did Hitler's plan to create a master race cause conflict?
Numerous amounts of people believed it was wrong to breed humans like dogs, but few believed you were considered superior. Few believed that Hitler's idea was spontaneous, and only the privileged were apart of his cloning scheme.
Where did it create conflict?
The Lensbenborn project was a program that allowed SS officers and women of the Aryan race to breed, and the child would either be kept in a secret area, or they would be adopted by a family that was considered superior. Any child that did not match the characteristics or who were disabled would be put to death or would be sent to concentration camps.
The Lensbenborn project
Hitler's experiments on inferior and superior race has helped modern day scientist use DNA samples to clone animals. Now scientist are trying to genetically modify humans.
How has shaped society?
Why Hitler choose the Aryan race?
Hitler tried to create breeding programs to build his master race.
One program was called the Lebensborn project, and SS officers and women of the Aryan race would breed.
How did he try and recreate the perfect race?
By: Taylor Wilson
Why was Hitler so fascinated with twins?
Hitler believed that if he could clone humans, twins speed up the process in creating the master race. He also would find twins of the inferiors and run test on how there bodies decompose, and how they reacted to different materials.
Hitler's master race
The perfect race was pale white skin, blue eyes, blonde hair, and no jewish background. Hitler wanted to create this by breeding people. This went against ethical rights, but this horrific time period has helped scientist clone animals with DNA. Now certain people want the option to pick and choose what your child should look like. Many people believe that we are messing with something that may have major consequences.
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