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A Dog's Purpose

A sad book.. I cried

Daisy Kae

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of A Dog's Purpose

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr W. Bruce Cameron Title-
Publishing Co.-
# of Chapters-
# of Pages-
Genre- Book Profile A Dog's Purpose: A Novel for Humans
W. Bruce Cameron
July 2010
Tom Doherty Associates, LCC.
Fiction, Human-Animal relationships Time:

Place(s): Setting Present Day

Outside; The Yard; Vet's office;
the truck; Ethan's house, garage, yard,
and neighborhood; Grandpa's farm;
the woods; and Jakob's house. Main Characters -Toby/Fella/Bailey/Buddy(The dog/ Narrator)
-Ethan (Bailey/Buddy's owner)
-Momma (Ethan's mom)
-Papa (Ethan's dad) -Senora (Toby's owner)
-Bobby(Senora's helper)
-Peter(Bad kid)
-Grandma/Grandpa(Ethan's grandparents)
-Hannah(Ethan's friend/girlfriend) Secondary Characters In the woods somewhere a litter of pups is being born. You dont know what breed, color, or size until they are rescued. In this case they are beagles, four in all. Toby, as he is soon called, his two siblings, and mother are in the wild struggling. Soon before death they are rescued, all except the sister. She has escaped. The rest are taken well care of until Senora gets all her dogs taken away. Even as just a pup Toby is put to sleep. A few hours later he was awoken by a new liter as a new breed. Now a black lab, this no name pup runs away only to be left in deathly conditions. A hot car, with the windows up. His paws burning at every touch of leather, he yelps only not to be heard. Summary- Exposition A lady (Ethan's mom) finds soon to be Bailey in the car, almost dead. She breaks the window and brings him home to her 13-year-old son. Bailey hates it when school goes back into session because Ethan and his mother are gone all day. When summer comes it all changes, every year they all go to their grandma's farm (Where Hannah is). For about 3 years now Bailey and Ethan have been best friends until a horrible "accident". A very mean boy, Peter, caught fire to their house in the middle of the night. Bailey is awoken. Summary- Rising Action Bailey dashes out of Ethan's room, through the halls he runs. Leaping out the door, barking wildly, he attacks. After taking a huge chunk out of Peter's ankle Bailey wakes up his beloved family. The parents are safe outside but Ethan is trapped in his room. Trying to find a way out, Ethan smashes his window and dives just as a puff of fire exits behind him. You think he would be safe now, but no. Ethan landed right into the bushes raging in flames. His father yanks him out by the shirt and rolls him around in the snow until the fire is out. Although his leg is severely burnt he will be alright, but Bailey wont be for much longer. Surprisingly not because of the fire, Peter strikes again. Peter throws a steak over the fence, Bailey thinks its fine, but the steak was poisoned. Not dead yet, but he is suffering terribly and Ethan begins to notice. Soon rushed to the hospital, Bailey is put down. Summary- Climax A Dog's Purpose The main conflict of this terribly sad story is in the dog's life. Bailey thought he had fulfilled his life's purpose, but he was wrong. Even after being with Billy for all those years it wasnt enough for him to finally go to heaven. Bailey will keep being reborn until he perfectly fills the purpose of a dog. Conflict After living a full life you would think "Bailey" had fulfilled his purpose as a dog... You thought wrong. He is now reborn into another dog, a German Shepard, living with Jakob. Jakob is a great owner but he has a dangerous job and Buddy does not like it on bit. After seeing Jakob has been shot on the job, Buddy feels awful about running away. Yet he feels sad, he knows he has to finish his life and with Jakob it wont happen. Buddy finds himself at the dog park where he picks up a fimiliar scent. Buddy, the dog, follows Haley and her grandma, Hannah, home from the dog park. Hannah is Ethan's grandparents old neighbor. Hannah brings him now back to the farm where he can be happy again... Will Ethan still be there? Is he even still alive? Will he recognize him? Falling Action/ resolution Songs that relate! Titanium:
This song relates because its
saying no matter what you say
or do its not going to bring me down.
This is the kind of attitude reminded
me of Ethan throughout the book. Ronan:
Even though this song is about a little boy losing his battle to cancer it still reminds me of Bailey's relationship with Ethan. Ronan is written in his mom's perspective about how much she loves and misses her son. When Bailey dies Ethan is heartbroken and weeps into his fur. Skyscraper:
This song states that
you can try everything,
but I will always stand
tall. Also, as the smoke
clears, I awaken. This
reminds me of when
Ethan wakes up in the hospital.
One last thing is that this song
is about bullying and Peter
always made fun of Ethan. I Won't Give Up:
Even after everything Ethan has been through he still gives it all he has in what he does. Right after getting leg surgery, Ethan hopped back into football as soon as possible. Ethan is a believer that does not give up easily, and that is why this song fits him. Safe and Sound:
"...Don't you dare look out your window. Darlin' everythings on fire, the war outside our door keeps raging on. Hold on to this lullaby, even when the musics gone. Just close your eyes, the sun is going down. You'll be alright, noone can hurt you now. Come morning light, you and I'll be safe and sound, sound..." These lyrics, in my mind, perfectly represent the Climax of A dog's Purpose. Book Review/Recommendation 5 STAR BOOK! This is my new FAVORITE book ever! 5 Stars at the least! I will honestly never look at a dog the same way again! Read them both! If you love dogs... Now I see how dogs live and look up to us as humans.
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