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Lauren H

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of AP LIT - MODERN DRAMA PRESENTATION (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)

Mendacity and Relationships in Tennessee Williams'
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

AP Literature
Modern Drama Inquiry Presentation
June 4, 2014
Plot Overview
Literary Criticism 1
Literary Criticism 2
"The various layers of untruth that the Pollitt family adopt as coping mechanisms alter the family's perception of reality and result in severe unhappiness. However, rather than deciding to accept the truth about their stagnant lifestyle and mendacity, the family adheres to their various forms of mendacity in a manner that is devastating to their relationships and their own psychological selves."
A Study of Illusion and the Grotesque in Tennessee Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
, Susan Neal Mayberry
Williams's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
, Jere Huzzard
analyzes effect of gender role
defines the grotesque as either a physical or spiritual/emotional deformity that invokes a pathetic, tragic response
discusses similarities between characters that arise because of their dishonesty and grotesque features
explains metaphor of the "cat on a hot tin roof"
Big Daddy favors Brick (despite his alcoholism and strained marriage) because of similarities between the men
parallel lines of dialogue - "Wouldn't it be funny if that was true?"
thematic sexual ambivalence of males to females
explains Brick's behaviors and upbringing
insight into Big Daddy/Big Mama's relationship
demonstrates Big Daddy's cynicism and expresses denial about his diagnosis
clarified Big Daddy's reaction to Brick's revelation about his alcoholism and friendship with Skipper
Pollitt family's inclination for dishonesty is a destructive force that impacts every individual family member
most horrifying result - drawing Maggie, an innocent outsider, into family's facade
Maggie succumbs to dishonesty by choice
chooses to be the "cat on a hot tin roof" because of love for her husband
provokes Brick - attempts to help him realize the truth of his friendship with Skipper to improve her relationship
corrupt in her hunger for wealth - however, she
provided insight into attributes that contributed to characters' grotesque qualities
moral ambiguity in characters contributes to grotesque (especially the emotionally grotesque)
emphasized Maggie's ability to see through other members of the Pollitt family, while still being greedy and corrupt herself
(in short,
of arguing)

Big Daddy is dying of cancer - both of his sons want a large part of his will
birthday dinner causes centralized conflict
Brick and Maggie fight about their relationship
Big Daddy forces Brick to have a revelation about his friendship with Skipper
diagnosis revealed to Big Daddy & Big Mama causes (surprise!) more fighting

Deception & Mendacity: Layers of Dishonesty
Destruction Through Dependence: The Ultimate Result of Untruth
Brick's relationship with Skipper complicates his marriage to Maggie
lack of communication characterizes Brick's relationship with his father
Big Daddy's subtle distaste for Big Mama demonstrates similarities between Brick and his father

confrontation between Brick and Big Daddy
dispute over inheritance
Big Mama refuses to accept her husband's diagnosis
Maggie is persistent in her love for her husband/efforts to make Brick admit to his emotions surrounding Skipper's death
Brick won't give up his alcoholism as a crutch

Pollitt family's false reality draws Maggie in
Maggie is completely aware of her situation and acts accordingly
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