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No description

Cara Hutchison

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of Chihuly

Chihuly Inspired Sculpture
History of Glass Blowing
Glass Blowing
Glass Blowing Tools & Techniques
Dale Chihuly
Create your own Chihuly inspired "glass" sculpture!
The Syrians invented the blowpipe in 300 BC which laid the foundation for modern glass blowing
The Roman empire embraced techniques for making glass vessels and experimentation with new forms and shapes began
Molds were developed in conjunction with blowing techniques to make patterns and shapes in the glass
The molten glass is held inside of a furnace that reaches temperatures of 2,500 degrees!
The glass is kept hot in the furnace and is the consistency of honey
The glass blower collects the molten glass on the blowpipe to begin the glass blowing process.
The glass blower takes the molten glass and rolls it onto a flat slab of steel called the MARVER.
The process of marvering forms a cool exterior of the molten glass
The glass must constantly be reheated in the furnace to be able to blow and form the shape of the glass.
The glass blower blows air through the blowpipe to expand the glass- This process is called inflation
While blowing the glass the blow pipe must be kept in a turning motion to keep the glass balanced
To apply color to the glass the glass blower rolls the clear, molten glass on to small, colored glass pieces called FRIT
Once the frit is applied the glass is placed in the furnace to heat and melt the frit so that the color infuses with the clear glass
Once color is applied the glass blower can begin to inflate and shape the glass with a variety of tools
The workbench is one of the glass blower's most important tools- it allows the artist to lay the rod down and begin shaping the glass
Tools used to shape glass include wet newspaper, Jacks (large tweezers), Straight Shears (bulky scissors) and Diamond Shears (used to cut masses of glass off).
Dale Chihuly is a contemporary American glass artist who has international recognition for his craft and has his work exhibited around the world. He studied interior design at the University of Washington and enrolled in his first glass course at the University of Wisconsin, where he received his masters degree. He taught glass blowing at the Rhode Island School of Design and opened the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington. In 1976, Chihuly was in a head on car crash and was blinded in his left eye. The loss of his sight in his left eye limited his glass blowing ability and he now works with a team of glass blowers who created his pieces for him but he considers himself the director and main decision maker for all of his designs
Macchia Bowls
Ceiling Installations
Milwaukee Art Museum
we will be working collaboratively to create a Chihuly inspired chandelier out of recycled plastic bottles
We are learning:
to work with others (collaboration)
paint and manipulate plastic to look like glass
how glass is made and the art making process
about Dale Chihuly's art and process
Plastic Chihuly Sculptures
Glass Blowing Video
What is glass?
How is glass made?
What do you know about glass?
"The process is so wonderfully simple, yet mystifying."
Chihuly began the Macchia
series in 1981 with the desire to use all 300 colors in his hotshop, and named the series after asking his friend the word for "spot" in Italian
Fiori di Como, 1998
Bellagio Resort, Las Vegas
Fireworks of Glass
2. paint
3. cut
4. tie wire
5. attach bottles to armature
6. light up!
fireworks of glass

After Chihuly's car accident, where he lost his eye, he had to rely on working with a team to make his vision come to life. This is when his drawings became his primary communication of his ideas with his team.
How is glass used?
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