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Chu Ju Dragon

No description

Matthew Eckler

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Chu Ju Dragon

In chapter one Chu Ju and her family are in the cemetery where their ancestors are buried. Chu Ju's mother is pregnant with her second child. In China there is a two child policy which means you can only have one girl and one boy, it is said that you will need a boy to bring honor to your family and a second girl will be useless. During chapter 2 Chu Ju's mother has her child. It is a girl.Chu Ju's mean grandmother is upset with Chu Ju because she thinks that Chu Ju is a disgrace to their family. The family did not name the baby because they were just going to give her away. Chu Ju thought that was a horrible thing so she named her Hua. Since Chu Ju's grandmother was so mean and hated Hua as well, Chu Ju took Hua everywhere. In Chapter 3 Chu Ju decided that if she ran away than Hua could be kept with her mother. She ran away to a fishing boat where she thought she could find work. But could not so she headed on her way to find someboby to take her in and let her work. In chapter 4 Chu Ju walks upon a girl gathering mullberry leaves. She went up to her and asked her what she was doing. She replied " I am gathering leaves ". Chu Ju walked ahead and heard this crunching sound. She looked in this window where she found a lot of silk worms eating leaves. During chapter 5 Chu Ju found a woman who accepted her job offer . But soon finds that all the other girls there are orphans and she hated the silk worms so she left. After awhile of walking Chu Ju found an older lady and her son. Their names are Han Na and Quan. Chu Ju asked for a job, to work in her rice paddies and Han Na accepted and offered her to live with them too. In Chapter 6 Chu Ju had worked with Han Na for years and Quan decided he was going to leave for Shang Hai. Han Na was devastated. Long after Quan had sent letters and money back to Han Na . It was a year and somebody needed to plow the fields and their neighbors, the Zhangs. Their son, Ling would always help Quan. So Han Na and Chu Ju wet over to the Zhangs and asked for help. In Chapter 7 Chu Ju met Ling. Ling showed her his orchard and his stable where his ox lived. He showed her his library. They hit it off and fast. Quan sent another letter saying he was in a detention center and that he did not want Han Na to know . He told Chu Ju to go to Shang Hai and bring all the money to bail him out. In Chapter 8 Chu Ju is on her way to Shang Hai to save Quan. On her way to Shang Hai Chu Ju met a woman. They were on a train and they talked for awhile and Chu Ju learned that her son was in detention too. Once they got off the train, Chu Ju found the detention center and got Quan out. Quan showed her around Shang Hai. Then in chapter 9 Chu Ju came back to Han Na from Shang Hai and Han Na does not know that Quan was in the detention center. Now Han Na does not want anything to do with Chu Ju because she thinks Chu Ju took money to get Quan from the detention center. During Chapter 10 Chu Ju goes to talk to Ling about Han Na. Ling said that if she wanted to fix her problem she had to tell the truth. Chu Ju promised Quan she wouldn't, but Ling said that he didn't talk to Quan so he will not break a promise is he tells Han Na. In Chapter 11 Han Na knows about Quan. She is also very sick so sick that she is dying. Chu Ju sent a letter to Quan telling him to come home. He did.Chu Ju forced Han Na to go to the hospital. There, she died but before she died she left the patty to Chu Ju and told her to go find her mother. In the final chapter Chu Ju goes back to her family and tells them of her journey. To her surprise Hua was grown and there was a baby, her new sister Nu Hai.She told them of the land she now owns and that she is leaving tomorrow. The next day Chu Ju left her family to go plant her plants. When she was planting she saw Ling's face running down the hill with a smile on his face and she knew she made a good decision. Chu Ju's House Dragon THE END
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