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No description

Jesi Swach Perez

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Phoebix

Extra functions!
In the morning, your new mate will wake you up with music! As minutes pass by the volume will increase to wake you up effectively!
It will inform you about the weather forecast so as to help you choose an appropriate outfit!
Academic tutoring:
Phoebix is an
electric which uses a rechargeable battery.
Against defects in manufacturing
or materials used for 3 years
from the date of purchase.
Phoebix's system of operations is automatically cleaned every 30 days.
Phoebix is made of acrylic which is far better than using glass or ordinary plastic.
Contact us for further information
Phoebix will remind you about deadlines,
dates of exams and your whole timetable!
This is Phoebix!
Your new mate!
Academic Tutor
Constant Companion!

designed for students
going through university!
You can ask for Phoebix
during your courses
of studies!
To be a student at any university in Argentina or abroad.
Once you finish your
course of studies,
you have two options:

When you make the
request you have to pay half
of the final cost.

Once you receive it,
you pay the rest.
Final cost: $7.000
You can return it to the company so as to get
your money back, and to recycle Phoebix.
You can choose
to keep Phoebix!
You can show Pheobix your calendar,
it will scan it and immediately set the alarms!
Or, you can also install your timetables using a flash drive.
Tired or reading
hours and hours?
Phoebix can also scan your materials
and read it for you as many times
as you wish!
You can control its volume
and you can even use headphones!
Phoebix has free direct
access to the Internet!
You may ask:
"Where is the keyboard?"
And the answer is:
"It hasn't one!"

Phoebix contains a
voice recognition software!
It's a very good listener!
When using online dictionaries
you can say the words loudly
and Phoebix will search it!

Phoebix will be with you
at any time... Next to your books, bed or anywhere!
It's so small that you can even
carry it in your backpack!
During your free time,
Phoebix can play cards with you!
In adittion, you can download
some new applications
to have fun together!
As Phoebix has an MP3player,
you can create your own playlists
to listen your favourite music.
If you are studying a
second language, you can take advantage of its scanning sight; and together
with the grammar editor
you can improve your
You may think:
"$7.000 is to expensive for
The fact is that you won't need
to buy studying materials
any more!
Think of the hundreds of
pesos you will SAVE
every year!
It also includes an antivirus to avoid
alterations in its system.
The first two services are free of charge.
Then you have to pay $100 every 6 months
This battery is charged
through solar panels
hidden in Phoebix's head.
It's environmentally friendly!
Why using acrylic?
It's resistant to falls
and UV rays!
100% recyclable!

In case YOU break it,
you can ask for a new Phoebix
but you'll have to pay a fine.
You can customize it!
You can choose the colours
and its gender!
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