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Life As We Knew it

No description

Ajay Prabhu

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Life As We Knew it

Life As We Knew It By: Susan Beth Pfeffer Main Character Analysis
Miranda is a 16 year old girl. She lives in Philadelphia with her mom and little brother. Her other brother Matt who comes home from Cornell after the meteor hits the moon. She loves to swim and ice skate. Her dad marries a girl named Lisa and they have a baby and Miranda is asked to be the godmother of the baby. At first she was very careless about what she had, but after the meteor hit the moon she learned how to value everything she had. She changed from the beginning of the book from an impulsive girl to a nice and caring girl. Main Charater Analysis
Miranda's Mom was a very generous character in the book. I think that Miranda's mom deserved a very good life. Even when the times were tough she used to go days without eating. Sometimes she would not eat for at least two days. She would want her family to be well and alive. Sometimes though she could get very emotional. Over all though Miranda's mom was a nice and unselfish character. Main Character Analysis
Matt is a very determined character. He knows what is best for his family. He comes back to Philadelphia from Cornell. I think that he is the most determined and hard working character in the book. He is also the smartest one because he knows how to handle situations really well. Main Character Analysis
Jonny is a very strong 13 year old boy. He is probably the strongest in his family. He went to baseball camp so he got three meals a day on the farm where he was. He was probably the most concern for the mom. She cares a lot about how he eats and what he does. One word describe Jonny would be fearless. Jonny might have questioned his mom a couple of times to ask if they would be okay, but he always knew that he would be safe and so would the rest of his family. Symbols This bandage represents the mom because she is taking car of the family really well. This magnet represents Jonny because he attracted to baseball. This book represents Miranda going to the library while her mother pumps gas into the car. I used the shopping cart because when the asteroid hit the moon the went and filled up their carts with food. I used the colored pencils for Matt because he likes to draw. Major Conflict
Asteroid hitting the moon
Many people in the world thought that the asteriod that was coming toward the moon would just be a fun experience. After that night though the moon came closer to Earth and all the electricity and radios just stopped working. Now everyone will starve to death or move for a better life. Major Conflict
No electricity
When there is no electricity then there is no way to find out where people are and who is still alive. No one in the world knows where some of their relatives are. One of those people are Miranda she does not know what happened to her dad or grandma. Main Conflict
Ash Everywhere
During the duration of the crisis of the asteriod hitting the moon, volacanoes and other natural disasters started to happen. One of them was a series of volcanoes that erupted and made a cloud of ash over the whole United States. This ash cloud would not allow anyone to see the sun or moon. Since this happened it was hard to breathe and grow any food. Resolution
At the end Miranda goes to City Hall and talks to the mayor and he says that he will give them bags of food every week. The brodcaster on the radio says that the world will be back to normal by May. At the very end of the book Miranda decides to live her life in the present and not worry about the future. I chose this music because it represented the sadness and happiness of the book
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